November 7, 2009

reBlog from The Beverly Hills Kitchen Beef Bourguignon Giveaway | MomCooks

I found this fascinating quote today:

Chef and legendary party host Alex Hitz recently debuted The Beverly Hills Kitchen’s Beef Bourguignon, the first entrée from his new line of prepared gourmet food on QVC.  Mr. Hitz’ s life-long passion for cooking and hosting elaborate parties for his famous friends, inspired him to start a chef-prepared food line that combines restaurant-quality cuisine with the ease and intimacy of at-home dining. For busy professionals and families who love fine dining, but lack the time or skills to cook delicious, classic dinners such as beef bourguignon, The Beverly Hills Kitchen’s entrees are designed for convenience— frozen and ready in ten, The Beverly Hills Kitchen Beef Bourguignon Giveaway | MomCooks, Oct 2009

You should read the whole article.


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