November 23, 2009

Thank goodness BLACK FRIDAY only comes once a year!!

Last year, I had my plan of attack all mapped out. I'd hit WalMart first at 5 am, then rush over to Kohl's by 6 am, then on to Target by 7 am, and finish up at Best Buy at 8 am. And I'd be DONE with shopping. Hooray for me!

Best laid plans and all that....

I didn't figure on crowds the size of U2 concerts. Or having to outrace 1000's of other shoppers to get in line and then maybe - maybe - be one of the lucky ones to grab a deal before it disappeared. in. seconds. I also didn't figure on that thermos of coffee I insisted I needed having such a
pressing effect... 'nuff said about that!

This year is going to be different. This year I am joining forces with my sisters and sisters-in-law and nieces and nephews and friends. We will be gathering Thursday night, sale papers in hand, to plan our strategy.

One will hit Target and pick up a list of items for the rest of us. One will hit JCPenney and pick up items for the rest of us too. And another one for WalMart, one for BestBuy, etc. etc.

You get the idea.

This year we plan to actually ENJOY the process, armed with cell phones and shopping lists and only ONE store to visit.

I can hardly wait!

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