December 9, 2009

My Entry For the Kia Sorento Ultimate Road Trip Sweepstakes

The good folks over at Mom Logic have come up with this great blogging giveaway. Click over to their site to get the details and see the fabulous prizes worth over $1,000!

To enter this giveaway, all I have to do is blog and answer the question "If you could take your family on a road trip anywhere, where would you go and why?"

So that got me thinking...

There are the usual answers - amusement park, beach, etc. - but I'm thinking of something a bit more... educational.

I can hear the kids moaning and groaning now. :)

Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia would be the ideal family road trip for me and my brood. I love history. Can't get enough of it. The kids... well, I hope they develop a love of history too, but if not, then just seeing the exhibits and "living history" at Colonial Williamsburg should at least entertain them.

I mean, where else do you get to see a real live blacksmith?

Or a gunsmith creating a new firing piece?

Or watch the Fifes and Drums march and perform?

Or dance the dances Martha and George Washington might have danced?

Or take a tavern ghost tour?

...and this is only scratching the surface of the myriad things to do and see in Colonial Williamsburg.

So now it's your turn - "If you could take your family on a road trip anywhere, where would you go and why?"


LisaLisa said...

OMG...I want to go with Let's leave the moaning and groaning kids with the Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog. good Luck!

I'm following you too!

SW said...

Yeah, that does sound pretty awesome! I'd love to go.

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