December 9, 2009

SunTouch Plus Light & Ion Therapy Giveaway from NatureBright

You can enter to win a Sun Touch Plus Light & Ion Therapy Lamp!

If you're anything like me, you suffer from seasonal affective disorder (or SAD - is that appropriate or what??). I work in an office every day and I'm inside under flourescent lights all day long. It's dark when I leave the house in the morning and dark when I come home at night. Bleh. Makes me feel like I live in a cave.

This wonderful lamp from NatureBright can help.

NatureBright captures nature's healing systems in an attractive home lighting kit. The Sun Touch Plus bathes you in SkyEffect™ light while simultaneously releasing negative ions into the atmosphere.

Negative air ionization therapy is an experimental non-pharmaceutical treatment for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and mild depression. Michael Terman, professor of clinical psychology in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University, who conducted the two studies on SAD, suggests that the mechanism responsible for the effect of this therapy on SAD is that the negative ion machines used in his studies are designed to mimic summer-like conditions by supplementing the sparse winter ion supply.

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, electron-sized particles found in refreshing environments like beaches and waterfalls. This combination balances your body clock making you feel rested, refreshed, and revitalized.

I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to feel better already...


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