February 24, 2010

Twitter account - hijacked?!?!

Suddenly there were several direct messages to my Twitter ID. Had I become famous overnight? Won some contest or sweepstakes? Been found by long lost cousins?

No. Not even close.

These "messages" from my Twitter pals were nothing but spam, most wanting me to go to a porn site.

How could this happen? I trusted these people! That one there, the one who tried to trick me into visiting a site I had absolutely zilch interest in... she's a mom of 4 and a very religious person to boot.

What was going on??

Then I realized these messages were virtually all the same. And these women all have different personalities and would at least phrase things differently. But no. These messages were all almost identical.

Which led me to be suspicious, to say the least.

Then I ran across a blog post by someone else stating how sorry she was to her followers because her Twitter account had been hacked and even though those messages came from her account, they were not from her personally.

I just scratched my head. How can a Twitter account be hijacked? I mean, my Twitter handle may be public for anyone, but my password is my own, and I've never given that out to anybody.

And then I remembered...

I had in fact given out my Twitter password, even if I believed it to be innocent enough. Not just once, but several times. Sheesh. How stupid can I be.

Ever used one of those programs that lets you tweet with hash tags? Or a program that lets you tweet with several people at the same time? Or gone through some third party like Facebook, for example, to retweet something to your Twitter followers?

I have. And every one of them asked for my Twitter username and password. And I gave it freely.

Because I trusted.

Now, I'm not saying Facebook is the culprit. I'm not naming names of the programs that allow hash tag tweets, etc. I don't want to point fingers because I can't prove anything.

The only finger I can point is to myself. I was ultimately responsible for giving out my Twitter ID and password.

So after getting a few more porn spam direct messages, I realized that this was becoming so common, I wondered if I had already been a victim and my own account had been hijacked as well, and maybe my Twitter followers were just too polite to chastise me for sending them spam.

If that's the case, then let me apologize right here and now to anybody who's received any spam messages from me. I don't spam people, and I hate spam myself. So it may have indicated that it was from me, but it wasn't from me.

I have changed my Twitter password. Now I am the only person (besides Twitter itself, of course) who knows my password.

And you can bet I'll be pretty darn careful about where I share it from now on.


Ashley ✯closetoftreasures.blogspot.com✯ said...

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thatgirlisfunny said...

I've had this same situation happen and it's very frustrating because changing my password in one place means I have to change it other (legit) places where I do want my twitter stuff linked. Too annoying!!

On another note, I receive emails from bloggerlinkup and I noticed a request from you about do's and don't for give-aways. When you have something pulled together, I have a great place for you to guest post (blogcatalog). I publish on Wednesdays. If you get your copy to me by a particular Monday, I can post on that Wednesday. Hit me up and pimp your blog! Plus, it's a fantastic topic. Some might even say, "brilliant, my dear!"

Mrs. Sanchez said...

You can bet we'll all be a little more careful.

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Thanks for the heads up on twitter accounts. You never know...
Hope you have a great weekend!


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Jo's Health Corner said...

Thanks for sharing this! I have heard of people's facebook accounts being hijacked but not Twitter until now.

Following from MBC and the GFC group!

Midday Escapades said...

I hate it when that happens on Twitter. I wonder why it's so easy to be hijacked on there.

Thanks for linking up with Friday Follow! I am now your blog follower. It is a pleasure to meet ya and have a great week!

~ Lynn

Deb K said...

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Thanks for this info~I never thought about giving my password out either until now.

Turning the Clock Back said...

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Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Oh, my! I guess one can never be too careful!

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Elizabeth Channel said...

Wow--I had no idea! So glad to know about this so I can be more careful! Following you from MBC!

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