March 13, 2010

Updates soon....

I apologize, I'm so behind on updates and it's inexcusable. But I do have an excuse. :) I had a dental emergency that ended up putting me in the hospital for a couple of days due to some MAJOR infection. I've been on antibiotics and had dental surgery. NOT FUN.

So needless to say I'm behind on posting. I've got some reviews to put up coming soon! So stay tuned. I haven't gone away... just been "out of commission" for a bit, but I'm better now!

Reviews coming very soon -

eShakti - a lovely top I received to review

Once Opened - a unique way to keep a check on the age of your opened cosmetics

Me Time - a CD of "audio cognitive meditation therapy" to help with insomnia and to awaken refreshed

... and more to come!


Benita said...

So sorry! Feel better soon.


TMB said...

aww sorry to hear that!! I use to work at a Dental school so I know it must have been pretty bad to put you in the hospital

Karine smith said...

Hi There,
Following you from MBC,
When you get a chance , please follow me back.



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