June 13, 2010

Step Into Summer giveaways beginning soon!

GoGrahamGo and JollyMom are teaming up to bring you some super fun summer giveaways beginning June 21st!

What's summer without a favorite road trip story? Mine is the time my sister and I went to Tampa to visit relatives and coming back, instead of taking the Interstate, we took the scenic coastal road. Imagine our delight when we stopped at a stop light and looked up to see that the street intersecting ours was "Follow That Dream Parkway"!

Of course nothing would do but that we had to make a slight detour. Being Elvis fans, we knew this could only mean one thing... and we were right! We found the very beach where Elvis filmed "Follow That Dream"! We had no idea it was there, and if we hadn't stopped for the stoplight we would never have seen the sign.

Don't you love little adventures like that?! Share yours!


Felicia said...

What a nice treat! I love it when that happens!

Paula@One Mom's Corner of the World said...

Hi! I'm visiting from MBC. I signed up to be a new follower. Stop by my blog when you get the chance.

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