July 31, 2010

Autre Peau fits like an "other skin" {review}

I took a look at my closet the other day... and what I found there really put me in a blue funk.

I've mentioned many times how tiny my apartment is. I have one closet. ONE. CLOSET. And it too is tiny. And crammed full. My clothes are all so wrinkled in there, what's the point of hanging them up at all??

But I digress...

The point I was getting to is that there are clothes in my closet that I never wear. Never. Some are too small, and I keep thinking I'll lose weight and be able to wear them again (yeah right!) and some are just too pretty and special to get rid of, whether I'm wearing them or not.

Take the really pretty blouse my mother gave me for my birthday. It's gorgeous! Who knew she had such good taste!


The blouse is black satin with silver threads in a dazzling design. It's really, REALLY pretty, but... it scratches when I wear it. The silver threads are beautiful but scratchy.

So you see what I mean? I hate to get rid of the blouse, not only because it's beautiful but because my mother gave it to me. But I can't wear it because it's just too uncomfortable.

Enter Autre Peau... French for "other skin".

Autre Peau's line of undergarments is designed to be your "other skin", to be the barrier between you and itchy, irritating, or transparent clothing.
Their website says:

Women are raving about the many benefits of wearing autrepeau "other skin" undershirts, camisoles, and pant liners:

* ~ lightweight, whisper-thin, form-fitting fabric adds no bulk under clothing!
* ~ takes the edge off itchy sweaters and stiff suits!
* ~ serves as a clothing "liner" so you can dry clean and launder less!
* ~ catches embarrassing perspiration!
* ~ long in length, stays tucked in and hides the muffin top! Also, great for maternity!
* ~ made in the USA!

Autre Peau products come in camisole, tank, turtleneck, scoop-neck, V-neck, long sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, short sleeve, sleeveless, and they have pants liners as well. Whatever article of clothing you wish you could wear if you had an "other skin" between you and it, Autre Peau has a product for you!

About autrepeau:

autrepeau was created out of the need for the ultimate innerwear. Originally started by two women working in the financial world, they heard that women were uncomfortable in stiff suits, itchy sweaters and clingy silk and were tired of spending their hard earned money on dry cleaning!

They set out to create a product that would make their lives more comfortable. They envisioned a second skin that would provide a lightweight buffer between them and their itchy garments. They relentlessy searched for the perfect fabric that would not add any bulk under clothes. The garments were made form-fitting and long in length so they would not pop out of low-rise pants. Unlike shaper products, autrepeau is designed for comfort!

In 2010, Melissa Hayes-Intermill purchased autrepeau. From many years of working as an insurance consultant, Melissa was no stranger to stiff shirts and uncomfortable fabrics of suits and often found relief with autrepeau pieces. Not only was she more comfortable throughout her day when wearing autrepeau, but she also saved time and money from fewer trips to the dry cleaner. Wanting to share her secret with the world, Melissa acquired autrepeau out of desire to provide women with exceptional products to improve daily life.

In her role as owner, Melissa takes a hands-on, proactive approach to business and takes on the responsibility of all aspects of the business. From research and development to visiting the New York City sewing facilities to rebranding the company image, Melissa plans to further grow and expand the line to meet the needs of the ever-changing woman.

I received the 3/4 Length Sleeve V-Neck garment (above) to review and let me tell you, this is a fantastic product! I couldn't wait to put it on and then try out some of those clothes in my closet that I never wear because of the irritation. I am very happy to report to you that Autre Peau works!! Although the Autre Peau garment itself is sheer and lightweight, it definitely provided just the "barrier" I needed between my skin and those scratchy garments. Perfect!!

One other thing I love about the Autre Peau products is that they are longer than you would expect, fitting well past my natural waistline and onto my hips. This is so that you can tuck them into your skirt or pants and they won't ride up. Very thoughtful designing!

I also own several very nice bulky turtleneck sweaters that I never wear because they itch me to death. While the V-neck top that I received might not help with the scratchy necks of my sweaters, I can purchase the turtleneck Autre Peau in either long sleeve or sleeveless and be able to wear those pretty sweaters again.
Yay!! By simply adding Autre Peau (my new "other skin") products, my entire wardrobe just doubled right before my eyes! I'll be able to wear those clothes that have been stuck in closet oblivion for years now. And it's been so long, I'll have to remind my mother that she gave me this gorgeous blouse I'm wearing. (don't tell her our little secret!)

Now that I've solved the itchy-scratchy clothing dilemma, there's still the problem of all those clothes that I no longer fit into... I hung on to the itchy-scratchy things and finally found a solution. Perhaps one day I'll have dropped enough weight to fit into the rest.

A girl can hope, right? :)

Autre Peau products are sold from their website and also in many retail outlets around the country. Find a store near you.

Discount! Autre Peau has very kindly offered Shady Lady readers a generous 25% off discount using code LADY10 at checkout. So don't delay! Fall is coming soon, and winter and holidays follow, and you know there are sweaters and pants and stuff in your closet that you want to wear if only you had an "other skin"...

Disclosure: I was provided a sample from Autre Peau gratis in exchange for providing an unbiased review of the product. (Thanks Melissa!) No other monetary consideration was involved, and my review was not influenced in any way.


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