August 6, 2010

Meditation, not medication {giveaway}

They say the brain has unfathomable ability, and that we as humans only tap into a tiny portion of it. But for all its "smarts", the brain can be fooled.

Imagery is a powerful tool. Lots of stress management practitioners use it to full advantage. When you are asked to imagine yourself on a fluffy white cloud, or lying on a beach somewhere with waves gently lapping, whatever the scenario, the brain conjures up images, feelings, sights, sounds, smells...even though you may never have been to that place, you can "imagine" it.

Being able to do this freely and fluidly is the key to using imagery to unlock brain potential, or free unwanted emotions or change unhealthy habits. All it takes is a soothing voice guiding you through the process. It's not hypnosis -- rather, it's a form of self-induced self-hypnosis, because it isn't against your will, it's totally at your will. You are always in control. You choose to change or release or whatever.

Sheevaun Moran has the kind of soft, feminine, soothing voice that puts you at ease at once and makes you feel as if you are in good hands. She has released over a dozen meditation and transformation CDs, is a popular keynote speaker, is the author of four books thus far, hosts international teleconference workshops and has a radio program called "Master Your Energy, Master Your Life!"

I received three CDs from Sheevaun's series -- Clutter No More, Weight Less, and Tropical Transformations. Each one is less than twenty minutes total. That may not sound like much bang for your buck, but the fact is that about fifteen minutes is all most of us want to devote to a relaxation or meditation session. These programs are very thorough for the short amount of time. And you can play them over and over without becoming tired of or immune to the gentle suggestions.

The first one I listened to was the Clutter No More CD. I'm very bad about clutter. Well, let me put it this way: it may look like clutter to you, but I know where every single thing is because I put it there myself, and when I need it, I go right to the spot I left it in. If it's not there or been moved without my knowledge, then it's "lost". And that's where clutter comes in.

When things are "lost", they are not in their proper places. Now, mind you, my definition of proper place may be vastly different from your definition of proper place. The proper place for me is the place where I put it, where I need it to be when I go back for it. The proper place for you may be something else entirely.

Regardless of personal definitions of "clutter" and all that goes with it, this CD should help you regain control over your space and what's in it. If it's essential, then leave it alone. If it's just something taking up space because you hate to throw it out, then it's probably clutter and can be removed. This CD claims to give you the energy and initiative to tackle getting organized, or simply to let go of packrat tendencies.

I've only listened to it a couple of times, so to be honest I really haven't been able to tell any difference. Except... I'm seeing "clutter" now where before all I saw was "stuff". Maybe finding the energy and drive to do something about it will come from listening to the CD more. :)

The Weight Less CD is another tool to use when you've already made the decision to change your weight. Sheevaun Moran's interesting approach to de-programming includes imagery of resetting knobs and levers of your body, releasing emotions related to weight, and changing your attitude to one of acceptance and love instead of rejection and depression. Again, I've only listened to it a few times so I can't say with any certainly whether a person would experience weight loss from listening to this CD, but I can tell you this: It can't hurt! I like the positive reinforcements, and the gentle persuasion to let go of long-held beliefs that only keep you down about your body and self-image.

Tropical Transformation is a CD that can be listened to whenever you feel anxious, nervous, or just depressed. It is soothing and uplifting, giving you the tools you can use to forgive not only others but yourself as well. If you're particularly stressed about bad relationships, or anxious about a hospital visit or doctor's appointment, or just need to center yourself before a job interview, this CD can help. (Caution: do not listen to any of these CDs while driving or operating equipment. Use common sense!)

This CD could be particularly effective to help you fall asleep faster and have a more restful night. I know that my brain is still going ninety-to-nothing when I lie down at night, and sleep is elusive for a long time. Even when I do fall asleep, it's not deep healing sleep, and I'm still fitful and tossing and turning and waking up a lot. So by the time morning comes and I have to get up, I feel as if I've been run over by a train, instead of feeling rested, refreshed and energized. So I'm going to be using this one quite a bit to see if it will help me get a better night's rest...and at the same time put some damaging emotions away.

Sheevaun Moran's CD series includes many other themes, such as Connect to Your Spirit and Soul, Discover Your Divine Self, Reclaim Your Health, Living Wealthy and Prosperous, and several meditation CDs such as Woodsy Wonder, Celestial Journey, Violet Waterfalls with Angels, Essene Meditation, and even one for Meditating Children, to help kids wind down from school and general information overload. This one is widely used by moms when kids are "wired".

Something for everyone, wouldn't you agree? I was impressed with the gentle suggestive voice and nature of Sheevaun's presentation. Keeping things positive and uplifting is always helpful. The imagery evoked is powerful and can be used to help you heal yourself of bad habits, bad emotions, bad conceptions, etc. After all, these are only tools to help your brain help you. Based on my experience with these CDs, you can trust Sheevaun Moran to lead you down the right path.

These CDs are available at for only $10 each or buy 5 or more and get $2 off each CD. You can also download them in mp3 format from their website.

BONUS! Giveaway! has very generously offered a Shady Lady reader a free mp3 download of one of the CDs that I reviewed. Since this is a downloadable prize, this giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY!

How do you enter to win? Simple -- just send an email to me tnshadylady at and tell me which mp3 you would like to win from this list:

Tropical Transformation - "On a tropical island is where you will land, where it’s warm and safe. This is a vacation where you can now allow yourself to release and permanently let go of fears, anger, resentments, and areas of unforgiving. This is a fantastic journey and is often listened to during sleep."

Weight Less -  "Because we all struggle with weight we’ve created this opportunity to reset the knobs and levers of your body to what is balance for your body. This CD will help you succeed at permanent change and allow you to utilize it for tune-ups."

Clutter No More -  "Release patterns of over collecting and piling of clutter in your life, whether it’s physical or emotional. You’ll be able to change lifelong hoarding and clutter  patterns. Those who have listened to this CD once say that they have been energized to easily make changes to lifelong clutter patterns. It’s a journey worth taking to release those old things that you’ve been longing to rid yourself of."

That's it! Just send me an email (tnshadylady at and tell me which mp3 you want to download and I'll select a winner at midnight CST Saturday night from all emails received. So don't delay! You could be the winner!

Disclosure: I was provided samples from gratis in exchange for providing an unbiased review of the products. No other monetary consideration was involved, and my review was not influenced in any way.


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