August 8, 2010

What do you mean I can't win twice?!?!

I read something a little disturbing on a blog recently that has stuck in my craw for days now and I just had to post about it.

It seems that some sponsors won't allow a winner to win their giveaway more than once.

A giveaway I entered on another blog ended, and I saw the blog post about who the winner was, so out of curiosity (because of course I hoped it was me! :) I read the post. I can't and won't quote it here - but the gist was this:

The blog owner had picked a winner and notified the sponsoring company. The sponsor then told the blog owner to select a new winner because the first selected winner had already won one of their products on another blog giveaway.

What the -- !!

The blog owner was apologetic and I really believe felt bad about it, but complied with the company's wishes. (This is all conjecture on my part, just so you know, I do not personally know the blogger and have no first hand knowledge of this, only what I read on her blog.)

Well, I don't know about you, but that just hit me the wrong way. People go out of their way to enter these blog giveaways and at the very least all they can do is hope the blogger is honest about who wins the giveaway by selecting a winner at random. (That's why you see so many bloggers use - so that there's no hint of anything underhanded.)

Yes, the sponsor has the right to ask for certain things in conjunction with the giveaway, but these are usually limited to signing up for a newsletter or "like" them on Facebook or what have you. But to have a blogger do the product review and hold the giveaway in good faith and then tell them that the winner they chose in a legitimate fashion was not eligible AFTER they had been picked is just not right.

To tell you the truth, I was so shocked by this that I don't even remember the sponsor's name or the product. I wish I could remember, because I'd tell you all right now that if you have already won a product giveaway from that sponsor that you are wasting your time (and the blogger's time) entering again.

It's just not right.

Am I wrong? Am I overreacting? Does the sponsor have the right to say that you can't win their product in a blog giveaway more than once?

Have you had personal experience with this? What did you do? How did you react? I really want to know because it could happen to me, either when I'm sponsoring a giveaway on my blog here at Shady Lady or if I'm entering a giveaway on someone else's blog.

What if there are several giveaways for the same product going on at the same time and I enter all of them? I haven't won the product before, but let's say by some strange stroke of luck I should get lucky and win on one blog and then win on another blog too.

Do you think I should receive the giveaway product both times? If not, why not? If it's a legitimate giveaway and I am the legitimate winner, wouldn't you say that luck was on my side and I should get both prizes? If I win $20 in the lottery, does that disqualify me to win the jackpot - because I've already won?

No, it doesn't. Maybe it sounds a little selfish to admit that I would want both prizes if I were to be so lucky and win the same product twice. But I have a large circle of family and friends and believe me, someone would get the use of the extra product.

The sponsor is still getting exposure and advertising and website visitors and their name all over the blogosphere. And isn't that what blog reviews and giveaways are all about? To get some publicity for a product? What better way to get publicity than giving your second prize you won to someone who doesn't even enter blog giveaways and would otherwise probably never even have heard of the company or product, much less sought it out to purchase.

Am I wrong? What do you think about this?


Amanda said...

I think it's wrong on the company's part. That should have been something they told the blogger up front, so that the blogger could maybe let them know who won before alerting the winner.

If the winner is chosen by a random generator, they won fair and square. If it were me, I'd be upset to have my prize taken from me, and while I do get annoyed at seeing the same people win contests everywhere, I'd love to have their luck!

I just don't see how this isn't something the company believes they should tell us up front.

Nichol said...

I've never had this happen, but have had numerous sponsors tell me straight up, that I must put on my rules, the blogger may not have won any of their giveaways before. I feel it's wrong of a sponsor to not say something up front to the host. Giveaways do take a lot of time(I host and enter many). I would be a little peeved if I entered only to be told you can't win again.

Buckeroomama said...

I think the sponsor should have made the rule clear upfront. If not, then they should have honored whomever it was that won.

Brianna Beers said...

I dont think there should be a limit on how many times someone can win. Like with the Lottery, theres no limit, there shouldnt be with sweepstakes either. Well I think they are just mad they cant participate in the sweeps because they work for the

Yona said...

I imagine companies make that rule because they want to have a wider exposure of their product, BUT in many cases, someone who wins 2 of something will share with their friends and family, and in some cases - holds their own giveaway with the extra product. That's more exposure for the company.

It's really in their best interest to let someone win multiple times.

It does take a long time to enter giveaways and people should be rewarded for their time.

If I REALLY want to win a giveaway, I will enter all the blogs that I can find. This one time, I entered 3 giveaways and won all three. I couldn't believe it. The company honored all of my wins, but I swore I was going to get a notice saying I could just have one.

Dog Boutique said...

I can see the company's point though. It will look suspicious if the same person won multiple times. It just looks like a fix. I used to work for a company that had giveaways every Christmas at the Christmas party and the same clique always won about 90% of the prizes. It just looks fixed.

Heather! said...

I'm so glad to see a discussion about this! I often see a giveaway for something I really want and, after entering it, will do a search for other giveaways offering the same product. It's just about increasing my chances to win. I did just that recently, and guess what? I won the same prize three times! If it were something that I couldn't benefit from having multiples, I'd have told the blog owner to pick a new winner. But since it was for something I can store and use later, I claimed them all. I did wonder if I was being selfish, but the way I see it, I put in the time to do daily tweets and followed all the rules, so I won fair and square (and with lots of luck, obviously!). Now I am curious to see whether or not the company will honor all of those wins. It remains to be seen, but I have had a company simply refuse to send a second prize to me without even saying why, and it really made me angry. I can't help it if my name was picked twice. I want to win, and isn't that the point of entering giveaways?!

I suppose it might help if blog owners were very careful about asking the sponsors about the rules regarding multiple wins. But really...I think it's the company's responsibility to lay down the rules and restrictions before the giveaway is posted. If they don't do it, they should have to honor the drawing as it is, and just learn from their own 'mistake' for next time.

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