November 27, 2010

Looking for a new business idea? Then consider Supercuts {review}

Recession got you down? Lost (or losing) your job through no fault of your own? Thinking about trying something different? Want to be your own boss for a change?

Supercuts may be the answer for you.

Supercuts, one of the largest and most iconic salon brands in the country, has been ranked the number one hair-care franchise in the U.S. and the fifth best franchise opportunity overall in Entrepreneur magazine's annual "Franchise 500" issue.

The Regis Corporation, parent company of Supercuts, is the authority on franchise business ownership in the hair care industry and offers a time-tested business model for anyone looking to start building a business of their own - no prior business or hair-care experience necessary.

Supercuts will train you to run the business, and how to hire the right professional stylists to perform the actual services. If you are a professional considering business ownership, inquire about opening a hair care franchise with Supercuts!

Why Choose the Hair Care Industry?

The success of any franchise is dependent on the nature of the business. Unlike food service franchises with perishable inventory, round the clock hours, and unskilled labor, hair care is an industry worthy of consideration because it:

* Is fundamental service in any community and any economic climate.
* Most people choose not to "do it themselves"
* Resists technological obsolescence
* Is staffed by professionals – employees are educated, certified and trained
* Has low, non-perishable inventory requirements.
* Cannot be outsourced
* Is about making people look and feel good about themselves.

Hair care is a high-demand, high-repeat cash business that serves a fragmented and local market. Supercuts can take the guess work out of setting up a successful operation of your own; one where successful national advertising creates brand recognition and value for each salon.

Have questions about opening a Supercuts franchise or want to learn tips from current business owners? Visit or contact Melissa Aquino at for more info about becoming a franchisee or the Regis Corporation.


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