November 27, 2010

New Facebook app "A Better World" is worth a look {review}

Seems like everybody loves games! Especially Facebook games. I wonder why... Is it because you can interact with other players? How many times have you opened your Facebook page to see requests from friends to help them out with something in a game they are playing?

What if... you were to get a "positive post" message from someone instead of a request for gold or to water plants or give some missing piece of equipment or whatever. Wouldn't that "positive post" brighten your day?

That's the idea behind the newest Facebook app called "A Better World". It officially launches in December in full game mode, but right now you can get a sneak peek at it by going to

There's enough violence and greed in our world and in our games. How refreshing to find a game that focuses on positive thoughts and deeds! Create your avatar however you like --
Then this avatar can visit two places in the sneak peek - Gratitude Grotto and Positive Post.

At the Gratitude Grotto, you can see what others are grateful for and even vote yes/no on how well those thoughts express real gratitude in the spirit of the game. Every time you vote you earn "do good gold" which can be used when the full game launches to buy things in the town for yourself, your family, your home, etc.

At the Gratitude Grotto you can also add your own grateful thoughts and others will vote on them, also adding to your "gold" supply. (From what I understand, the "gold" accumulated in the sneak peek will also carry over to the full game when it launches!)
The other place you can visit in the "A Better World" sneak peek is the Positive Post, which acts like a post office and you can send personal messages to friends on Facebook. These messages can also be posted to your own Facebook wall if you like. The recipient is notified that they have a message waiting, and it's easy to read pending messages and send new ones.
I have to be honest with you... when I first heard about this concept, I thought it would be... well... kinda cheesy. Boy was I wrong! It is a very refreshing and very welcome addition to the wealth of Facebook apps available. What a great way to express positive thoughts! And have a little fun in the process.

I can't wait to see what the full-blown app looks like. And I've got $200 in "do good gold" already just from participating in the two available activities. So if you're looking for something that is totally different from the run of the mill Facebook games and apps, give "A Better World" a try. I think you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

And be sure to send me a Positive Post. :)


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