February 9, 2011

A Better World game app on Facebook

Back in November I told you about a new Facebook app from ToonUps called "A Better World". I can hear you groaning now...yeah, I know, not another Facebook app! Don't we have enough Farmville, Mafia Wars, and trivia games?

A Better World is...well...worlds apart from other Facebook apps. It's a game, yes, but more than that it's an interactive plaything that focuses not on fighting or accumulating riches, but rather on good stuff. Positive stuff.

I told you it was different. :)

It has the usual components: for instance you can customize your avatar (the "person" onscreen that represents you or your character) and there's a new salon in town where you can update your look whenever you like. Or whenever you have the "gold" to do so.
Oh dear, I said this game wasn't about accumulating riches, didn't I? Well, it's not. Not really. The "gold" is your reward as it were for doing good deeds in the universe of A Better World. Gold can be spent on a variety of things like the salon to update your avatar's look (new haircut, anyone?) or furnishings for your make-believe house in the game.

Yep, you have your very own house that you can furnish and decorate as you like. As you progress, new items and features become available. But again, this isn't about accumulating riches. There are plenty - and I mean plenty - of opportunities to earn gold, simply by doing a few of the things in the game - which are all positive and uplifting.

Take for instance the Gratitude Grotto, which you reach by going to the countryside. At the Gratitude Grotto, you can see what others are grateful for and even vote yes/no on how well those thoughts express real gratitude in the spirit of the game. Every time you vote you earn "do good gold". At the Gratitude Grotto you can also add your own grateful thoughts and others will vote on them, also adding to your gold supply.

Back in the village, you can visit your neighbors and even leave them surprise gifts. I see that my virtual neighbor in A Better World still has her Christmas tree up. :)
In town, you can go to Town Hall for information on all the areas and things to do in A Better World. Think of it as a visitors center. :) I see that there is something new to do in A Better World!
Since Valentine's Day is just a few days away, I can send a "heart" from the Heart Cart to my Facebook friends. The nice thing about this is that hearts you've received will always be there unless you delete them. So you can enjoy your hearts and the warm fuzzies anytime you like.
And you earn do good gold every time you perform any of these thoughtful, positive actions. Want a different way to wish your friends on Facebook a great day? Go to the Positive Post, which acts like a post office, and you can send messages to any of your Facebook friends. Again, you earn gold for doing good deeds.
How refreshing it is to find a Facebook app that actually rewards you for doing good deeds! A Better World is truly different from most apps, and I think you'll agree that it can surely brighten not just someone else's day, but yours as well! Give it a try!

And send me a heart if you like. Since I'm single and not in a relationship at the moment, it may be the only Valentine I get this year. :)

Disclosure: I will be receiving an Amazon gift card from ToonUps as a thank you for participating in this campaign.


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