February 28, 2011

Protect your heirloom dining table with a dining table pad

My grandmother had furniture sets (suites is the word they used to use) that would make any antique lover drool. There was a four-poster bed, very heavy, carved with old-fashioned pineapples. with a matching dresser and chiffarobe. She also had a matching dining room set (suite): buffet, hutch, and dining table with eight chairs. All simply magnificent.

And all coveted by her granddaughters. :)

When my grandmother passed away about twenty-five years ago, I was the lucky recipient of the dining table and chairs.

But protecting that heirloom is touch and go. I've always loved the look of the wood top, polished to perfection and reflecting back whatever centerpiece I put in the middle. But for meals, I use a tablecloth. Sometimes two. And that still doesn't protect the table against heat, liquid rings, stains, etc.

There's an online store that sells custom dining table pads. No more worrying about damage to that heirloom piece of furniture.
This isn't my dining room table, but it's close in size. Dining Table Pad Covers can help you protect your heirlooms, too. Check out GoTablePads.com for more information.


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