February 9, 2011

Pure Romance {giveaway}

Valentine's Day can be really depressing for single people who aren't in a relationship. All those beautiful flowers, the boxes of candy, the balloons, the jewelry, the romantic dinners for two, the intimate playfulness of being completely comfortable with the one you love...

I'm not in a relationship at the moment. Heck, I may never be in a relationship again. I rather like living alone. I could list all the good things about living alone, but that's not necessary. Those of you who are single already know them.

Those in a relationship look at us with pity. They think there's no way we can be happy unless we have a significant other in our lives. How wrong they are!

But...confession time.

One thing I do miss about being in a relationship is intimacy. Not just sex. I'm talking about cuddling. Sharing the crossword puzzle. Bringing - or being brought - a cup of coffee without asking or being asked to. Cuddling. Talking about dreams, about what we want out of life, out of each other. Knowing every mole and every birth mark on the body of your loved one. Cuddling.

Did I mention cuddling?

Yeah, I guess I miss cuddling most of all.

Sometimes I miss the sex, I'll be honest. But it isn't just the act that I miss, it's the...you guessed it...cuddling. It's hard to cuddle yourself.

But I do a fair job of it. I love sensual things around me, especially velvet and fur and silk. I love the feeling of snuggling under a warm down comforter in the winter, even if there's no warm body next to me. I love amaretto-flavored coffee. I love perfume, well, just about any kind of scent really, especially candles.

You see I know how to like me. Of course it has more meaning when someone else does it, but I'm not lacking for anything by not being in a relationship.

Except cuddling.

I've also learned that I can replace sex with toys. Does that shock you? It shouldn't. It's normal. We're all human. We all have needs. Some more than others. Some not so much. But we all have needs. And those needs have to be met somehow, someway.

Best to do it safely in the privacy and comfort of your own home. So...toys.

Pure Romance offers a wide variety of products for all phases of your intimate life. If you're thinking of doing something for a little extra money, Pure Romance might be something you should look into. Details are on their website.

Empowerment: This jobless recovery is taking its toll on families, however very often our Pure Romance consultants report that they are meeting or exceeding their income expectations. Sales have been recession-resistant. Pure Romance experienced a 37% increase in sales in 2010. Pure Romance also empowers women because they are able to take control of their sex lives, which can have an impact on quality of life.

Education: Pure Romance products resonate with women unlike any other in the category due to our commitment to educating women about their bodies and our products. The Pure Romance partnership with the Kinsey Institute, coupled with our curriculum developed by our Director of Sexual Health Education, means our 70,000 consultants are trained to provide the most helpful information and advice. Pure Romance doesn’t sell in stores because in-home parties offer women fun, private, peer-to-peer learning opportunities about romance, intimacy and sex.

Entertainment: Whether it’s the fun and camaraderie of the Pure Romance parties themselves, the use of Pure Romance products by a woman, or a couple’s inventive Pure Romance fun, entertainment is at the core of the company’s mission.

I got a Valentine's Day gift today! Not from a significant other. Not even from a secret admirer. The box came from Pure Romance, chock full of goodies for me to try out and review on this blog. Oh, and I've got a giveaway too, so keep reading!

What an intriguing box! Wanna see what's inside? Of course you do!

Wow!! Look at all the goodies! My camera messed up pictures of the two items on the right: Dust Me Pink edible body powder in barely berry and Come Clean adult toy cleaner

And I love the name of this set of products: Mini Nights of Passion - A Little Pure Romance. A Lot of Pleasure!
This is what was inside: island breeze bubble bath, seductive sage sensual massage oil, strawberry-flavored arousal cream, strawberry warming lubricant, and original liquid lubricant
Just Like Me gel lubricant and strawberry-flavored arousal cream
Can you guess what a product called "Coochy" might be used for? Hint: it's a rash-free scented shave cream in five scents - original, pear berry, green tea, grapefruit, and pomegranate
Wondering what was in the black satin bag? Wonder no more! Voila - a 7th Heaven bullet!

I realize that products like these may not be for everyone. And that's okay. Each of us has to find our own comfort level. Some are a bit more adventurous than others. Some find products like this too racy, others find them rather tame. To each his/her own.

But if these products sound like something you'd have fun experimenting with, either with or without a significant other, then enter my giveaway!

One lucky Shady Lady reader will win the Mini Nights of Passion gift box worth $30!

Pure Romance's most popular products in one convenient collection! Mini Nights of Passion variety pack allows you to enjoy a bottle of Aura, Ex-T-Cee, Excape, Sensations and Sweet Seduction — the ultimate combination for romantic nights.

Perfect sampler pack; great for travelers and personal shower gifts. Includes one bottle each of: Aura (Seductive Sage), Ex-T-Cee (Strawberry), Excape (Island Breeze), Sensations (Strawberry), Sweet Seduction (Original)

Aura Massage Oil is a sensory heightening massage oil that contains a specially formulated blend of essential oils and herbal extracts chosen for skin softening benefits and non-greasy, non-sticky qualities. Each scent is pleasant and perfect for a deep, sensual, erotic massage. EUCALYPTUS MINT OR SEDUCTIVE SAGE

Directions: Apply moderately and evenly over the area to be massaged.

• Pleasantly scented and formulated with a blend of essential oils and herbal extracts chosen for their history of dermal benefits and non-greasy feel
• Can be heated briefly (15-20 seconds) for a warm massage
• Moisturizes and conditions skin
• Massage is a great form of foreplay that can help increase arousal

This wonderfully scented, flavored arousal cream was specially formulated to stimulate and excite. Air activates the mint base to provide exciting, arousing sensations and increase blood flow in just the right spot. Ex-T-Cee is perfect for first time users! COTTON CANDY, PEPPERMINT PATTY, OR STRAWBERRY

Apply a pea-sized amount to increase sensitivity during the state of escalating arousal.

• This edible arousal cream is designed specifically for a woman
• Ex-T-Cee is formulated with a pleasure-tingle mint compound that acts as a cooling stimulant, causing greater sensation and sensitivity
• Recommended arousal cream for first-time female users
• Mint oil based

Share a shower with your partner and feel a million miles away! Indulge in a bath or shower filled with pheromone-infused bubbles to spice up foreplay and tone down stress. Your own mini getaway awaits...just open the bottle! Especially gentle and sensually scented, the specialized formula leaves skin soft and sexy compliments of real California pink champagne, ginseng, and vitamins E and B. Also safe for hot tubs and Jacuzzis. Island Breeze, Plumeria, or Mangosteen

Pour a capful under running water or on the Pulsa Bath Ball for a lather-rich bath or shower

• Use as a part of pampering routine in bath or shower
• Pheromones in formula are nature's natural attractant
• Safe for drains and hot tubs
• Contains real California pink champagne
• Contains pheromones

Sensations lubricant starts cool, warms up, and finishes hot! Out of the bottle, Sensations feels cool on the skin. Add a little friction, and the lubricant warms. Give a gentle blow, and the air-activated formula delivers exciting heat! Sensations is available in mouthwatering flavors or flavorless Original. CANDY APPLE, HOT BUTTERED RUM, KINKY COCOA, ORIGINAL, PEPPERMINT PATTY, SPICE IS NICE, or STRAWBERRIES & WHIPPED CREAM

To use Sensations, use a dime-sized amount for small body massage and other foreplay activities. It is best to use a small amount of Sensations at first and then add more later to avoid stickiness.

• This playful lubricant gets warm when you rub it and hot when you blow on it
• Available in a number of exciting flavors derived from natural ingredients
• Sugar free

Sweet Seduction
Slip into Sweet Seduction lubricant! This silky, slippery, water-based lubricant flows generously to prepare your pleasure zones for a blissfully comfortable experience, whether you’re having fun with a partner or a toy. The lubricant is made of high quality ingredients that are long lasting and provide a mild, naturally sweet taste. SWEET MINT, ORIGINAL, or VANILLA

To use Sweet Seduction, squeeze a dime-sized amount of the product onto the fingers and apply prior to sexual activity (more lubricant can always be added as needed).

• Water-soluble lubricant
• Premium ingredients give naturally sweet taste
• Slippery and long lasting
• Does not stain
• All-natural ingredients
• Original formula is fragrance free

* * * GIVEAWAY * * *
One lucky winner will win the Mini Nights of Passion sampler pack!

Entering is easy. Simply leave a comment saying you want to win. That's it! One entry/comment per person. Winner will be selected via Random.org and notified by email. Winner has 48 hours to respond to the email or an alternate winner will be chosen. Enter by midnight CST Thursday February 17, 2011. Open to US residents.

{Disclosure: I was provided sample products to facilitate this blog post. No monetary consideration was received.}


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I would love to win, I love the entire presentation of these products and I love that they are for romance!

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Asha said...

Great post focusing on you is always fun.

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