October 15, 2011

FUMI pursehook and new! Scarlett buffer/cleaner {review and giveaway}


That's FUMI!

FUMI makes some of the most unique, fashionable, innovative, and multipurpose products I've ever seen. I'm simply in love with their pursehooks!

Have you tried the FUMI pursehook? No? Then you don't know what you're missing!

These lovelies are designed to be worn as bracelets or used as purse decorations, but they serve another function too -- they are excellent for hanging your purse straps from when you want to keep your purse off the floor.

Think about when you eat inside at a fast food place. You either keep your purse in your lap (awkward) or put it on the table (risky) or put it in an empty chair (also risky) or put it on the floor. Major yuck at the last option.

That problem has been solved by the FUMI pursehook! It is designed to suspend your bag by the straps from the table itself, keeping it out of your way and off the floor, yet close by for safety. Brilliant!

What about a shopping cart? I never thought about what germs and yuck could be lurking in wait in the purse part of the buggy, but using a FUMI pursehook eliminates that problem as well. Just suspend your bag from the cart handle by using the FUMI pursehook and it stays out of contact with the germ-laden public buggy, yet still right in front of you.

How many times have you dashed into the grocery store for a few things, like chicken breasts for dinner? Did you put the chicken package in the purse section of the buggy while you picked up a few more items? Think about the salmonella that could have leaked out. Now think about setting your purse down on that salmonella, then carrying it inside your home and straight to the kitchen counter while you unload your grocery bags.

Uh-huh. Now you get the picture.

The added bonus is that the FUMI pursehook isn't just utilitarian (like some other purse hooks I've seen) but it's gorgeous! I chose the FUMI Egypt bangle pursehook in silver for this review (photo above). There are many colors and designs available.
These would definitely catch my eye as bangle bracelets, they're so pretty! And what a great and thoughtful gift! Maybe this isn't something you'd splurge and buy for yourself (germs and yuck notwithstanding) but they make simply marvelous gifts. Especially for busy moms who don't need yet another thing to worry about (salmonella, etc.).

FUMI also has many other terrific products. They've just introduced the Scarlett, an eye-catching colorful "scarf" for your purse that can be used as an eyeglasses or sunglasses cleaner, or to clean a camera lens, or buff your cell phone, etc. Lots of uses for this clever addition to FUMI's already fabulous collection!
And the colors and patterns are outstanding. They literally look like little scarves to decorate your purse. I chose the Scarlett Blue Your Mind pattern (above) and just love it. Many colorful designs are available.

So again:


Start your gift shopping early! Any of the FUMI products would make terrific gifts!

Connect with FUMI on Facebook and be eligible for prizes! They have a fabulous giveaway going on right now!

Want to win a FUMI Scarlett and pursehook of your own? Then you're in luck! One lucky Shady Lady reader will win their choice of pursehook and a Scarlett cleaner! Woo-hoo!

Just use the Rafflecopter entry method for your entries. If Rafflecopter isn't working for you, leave a blog comment with your entries and I'll take them into consideration when choosing a winner.

US only please. Giveaway ends midnight CST Wednesday October 26. Good luck!

(Disclosure: FUMI provided products to help facilitate this review. However my opinions are my own and I received no monetary consideration.)


Tracy said...

Oops, I thought the first video was YOU! LOL

I hate putting my bags down anywhere, I would love to try this! and I never thought of that, using the scarf to buff cell phone, iPod Touch etc, brilliant!

Thanks for hosting!

♥ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ
Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

Deb said...

Ahahahaha Tracy! yeah, I wish the video was me. :) Both Nicole and Natascha (the other video) are gorgeous. And I know what you mean about putting your purse down just anywhere, especially some of these expensive designer bags! I'm loving the Scarlett as a buffer/cleaner (now I can stop using my shirt or blouse to clean my sunglasses!) but it's really pretty just as a "scarf" accent for your purse too.

Good luck and thanks for entering!

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