October 16, 2011

New! Holiday scent Renuzit Fresh Accents freshener {review}

It's been a long time since I've had a cat. When I recently adopted two kittens, I was amazed at two things:

1. I had forgotten how adorable they can be!

2. I had forgotten how stinky they can be!

So the past few months have been a constant struggle between me and the litter box scent. It's awful. And it's come to the point that something has to go... either the stink or the kittens.

When I walk into my own home and I'm embarrassed by the odor, I'm losing the battle. I mean, I live here! And it's offensive to me? Think how my guests would feel. And with holiday visits coming up? Yikes!!

No, on second thought, tell the guests to stay away. Nothing personal, just until I can figure out my next round of strategy on How To Beat The Kitty Funk.

Renuzit is helping me fight that never-ending battle with a new air freshener product just in time for the holidays called Fresh Accents. These are just beautiful!

So festive and absolutely charming! I love the snowflakes cutouts but I especially love how the scented gel inside is translucent enough to allow light to shine through, so that it looks like a little stained glass ornament. It comes in red and green - holiday colors! - Winter Berry in red and Festive Snow in green.

Winter Berry smells a bit like a mix of raspberry and mulberry. Like a fresh updated blend of the traditional mulberry scent. I like mulberry well enough, but I always thought it was a bit heavy. This is much lighter, much more refreshing, but still packs a punch for fighting your toughest odors.

Festive Snow is my favorite of the two, I think. It smells kind of like fresh cotton laundry hung in a pine forest. Or something like that. Very fresh, very light, but again packs enough wallop for a whole room.

And they look absolutely gorgeous just sitting around quietly doing what they do best. With the snowflake design and red & green colors, guests will mistake them for little stained glass what-nots. Perfect for the bath, guest bedroom, family room, any room where you want a fresher smell and a touch of beauty.

Oh, and how about the family vehicle? I'm going to be picking up several of these and one is definitely going into my car!

(forest green, not lime)
(cranberry red, not purple)

I think these new Renuzit Fresh Accents holiday air fresheners are a hit. They last for about 30 days and retail for about $2. TWO DOLLARS for a gorgeous bit of prettiness to freshen up your holiday home! What a deal!

By the way, the colors in these pictures aren't exactly true to life. Winter Berry is cranberry red, not purple as it looks in the pic. and Festive Snow is a deep forest green, not lime green as it looks here. Just wanted to point that out. Probably has to do with how the camera flash hit the translucent gel or something.

I'm still battling the kitty litter box odor, but not so much since I tried these Renuzit Fresh Accents. So, my furry little friends, I think I'll keep you...

{Disclosure: Renuzit brand provided free samples of Fresh Accents air freshener so I could review them. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own and no monetary consideration was involved.}


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