November 6, 2011

Seventh Generation Liquid Soap New Scents! {review & giveaway} @SeventhGen #7thGenDishLiquid #MyBlogSpark!

Most of us try to be environmentally aware. We try to purchase organic foods when possible, purchase products that used recycled materials, recycle what we can, and generally do our best while continuing with the business of daily life.

But there's always more we can do.

In my apartment, there is no dishwasher. Okay, wait, let me rephrase that... In my apartment, I am the dishwasher! Dishes, cutlery, pots and pans all get washed in the kitchen sink using dish detergent.

I've been a loyal user of [insert name of well-known dishwashing liquid here] for years and years and years. It works. It works well. To me it's a no-brainer to pick up another bottle when I'm getting low.

But I never stopped to think about the environmental impact of using that brand.

If you live in the city, then your water goes through a water treatment facility and is recycled. If you live in the country, it's possible you don't have sewer lines at all, and your waste water runs down some field lines and then seeps into the ground.

Yikes! My daily dishwashing just contributed to pollution! And I wasn't even aware of it!
Enter Seventh Generation. This fabulous company is dedicated to offering products that are completely natural, biodegradable, and made with plant by-products, NOT petroleum.

Yeah, petroleum.

Did you know that if every household in the U.S. replaced just one bottle of 25 oz. petroleum-based dishwashing liquid with Seventh Generation's plant-derived product, we could save 5.2 MILLION gallons of oil, the equivalent to removing 11,000 cars from the road for one year.

Talk about environmental impact!

I don't have to think about this any longer. I'm switching to Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid NOW.
You see, I had a chance to try it out before buying. And I'm sold. The main reason? Aside from the environmental impact (which is HUGE) this stuff works! I don't know how they get suds from plants, but they do. It cleans dishes, silverware, greasy pots and pans just as well as the [mumble-mumble brand] that I used to use.

And the suds really last a long time. How often have you had to change out your sink water because the sudsing was gone? Not with Seventh Generation. The suds lasted long after I had washed that last pan. And when I let the water out of the sink, it was a good feeling to know that I wasn't releasing nasty petroleum chemicals into the environment.
But you want to know what else sold me on Seventh Generation dishwashing liquid? The smell! Oh, what wonderful smells! It comes in:

Lavender Floral & Mint
Lemongrass & Clementine Zest
Fresh Citrus & Ginger
Free & Clear (unscented)

These are NOT synthetic fragrances using chemicals to trick your nose. These scents are created using all natural ingredients. With authentic ingredients like lavender from the fields of Drome in the foothills of the Alps, clementines from sunny Calabria and lemons from the soils of Sicily, Seventh Generation natural dish liquid is free of unnecessary synthetic colors or chemically engineered scents.
And they smell absolutely wonderful!! I particularly love anything with citrus, but I must admit even though lavender isn't one of my favorite scents, the mix of lavender and mint was extremely pleasant. Even if you're not into scents, the Free & Clear version is unscented, so there's no excuse not to try Seventh Generation dish liquid. At a retail price of $4.49 for a 25 oz. bottle, you won't be breaking the bank while helping the environment.
Seventh Generation also has automatic dishwasher products, household cleaners, laundry detergent, and a host of other products that are plant-based and all-natural. Wondering where they got the name Seventh Generation?

Their Mission Statement:

To inspire a revolution that nurtures the health of the next seven generations.

I'm on board with that. Any real changes that we expect for the future must start now. Don't you agree? Visit their website. Try Seventh Generation products. I think you'll be a believer too!

While you're there, don't forget to enter the "Nature Makes Perfect Scents" Sweepstakes. One Grand Prize winner and one guest will be awarded a trip to Italy or France or Vermont (winner's choice) for four nights. This is a great opportunity to visit one of the sites where Seventh Generation gets its essential oils and natural ingredients to make the wonderful scents.

Want the chance to try all four Seventh Generation dish liquids? Then you're in luck! Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark is offering one very lucky Shady Lady reader the chance to win the same package I was sent to try. Boy, are you gonna love this!!

Not only will your package include 25 oz. bottles of all four scents of the dish liquid, but you'll also get some fabulous goodies as well. And all 100% natural!

Your prize pack will include:

4 bottles of Seventh Generation natural dish liquid varieties in Free & Clear, Lavender Floral & Mint, Fresh Citrus & Ginger, and Lemongrass & Clementine Zest scents

1 Premium 3 Qt. 12” x 9” Baking Dish from Le Creuset (yes, you read that right - LE CREUSET!!)

2 Twist© loofah sponges and 2 Twist© scour pads made from 100% post-recycled materials

Set of 3 organic cotton dish towels
Are you salivating right now? Then wipe the drool and get busy entering! :)

Just use the Rafflecopter entry method for your entries. If Rafflecopter isn't working for you, leave a blog comment with your entries and I'll take them into consideration when choosing a winner.

US only please. Giveaway ends midnight CST Saturday November 19. Good luck!

{Disclosure: The Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid prize pack, product and information have been provided by Seventh Generation through MyBlogSpark.}


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