December 5, 2011

Godiva Coffee = Best Flavored Coffee Ever!!! {#giveaway}

I'm a coffee lover. Any kind of coffee. Mild breakfast blends to strong bold roasts to exotic flavored coffee. I love 'em all, especially flavored coffee. It's always such a delightful surprise when the taste is either what you expected only better, or is so delicious you are rendered speechless to sing its praises.

When I opened the box that said it contained "Godiva Chocolatier Coffee", it felt like Santa had personally left me a present! I couldn't wait to brew up a cup or twelve to sample all the tempting flavors.

Flavors like French Vanilla, Hazelnut Creme, Chocolate Truffle, Breakfast Blend. And seasonal favorites like Peppermint Mocha and Cinnamon Gingerbread Truffle.

All backed by the world-famous (and deservedly so) name of Godiva.

Since it was the weekend, I brewed up a quick pot of Godiva Chocolate Truffle. The small bags are perfectly sized to brew 6 cups of coffee.

Oh, how delicious it was!! I love not just the taste of coffee but the smell also. I expected these coffees to fill my apartment with the flavor of coffee being brewed, but the aroma wasn't very strong at all. But no matter, that just means they concentrated more on getting all the quality they could in a single cup of tasty Godiva coffee!

However, I have had The Sinus Infection From Hades for the past week, so my nose is not to be trusted right now. I'd be willing to bet my taste buds aren't up to usual either, so I'm trying to save some of these delightful coffees for the time when I'm not so sick and I can truly taste, smell, and appreciate them.

Godiva Chocolatier Coffee comes in handy 6-cup sampler packs as well as 12 oz. ground. The multi-sampler packs make truly remarkable and thoughtful gifts for any coffee (or chocolate!) lover on your list. I know I would be in absolute heaven to receive a few of these!

During weekday mornings, I no longer make a pot of coffee because it seems such a waste if I'm running late and don't have time to drink it. So lately I've been using my Keurig single-cup brewer with the K-kap and some previously used (emptied and cleaned, of course) K-cups to make a cup at a time of whatever coffee I want each morning. It's a time saver and a money saver!

So this morning I tried the Peppermint Mocha made in my Keurig brewer. Now, I have to admit, I didn't think I'd care for it very much... I mean, peppermint coffee?? But I was very pleasantly surprised!

The special thing about Godiva flavored coffee is that the flavors aren't overwhelming at all. They are very subtly flavored, unlike some other flavored coffees that knock you down with their added flavors.

No, Godiva Coffee is more sophisticated than that! Each cup is more like the experience of having a regular cup of coffee along with a piece of exquisite Godiva chocolate candy. Yep. That about sums it up. Imagine a cup of delicious coffee along with nibbling on a piece of yummy Godiva goodness!

Can you say COFFEE HEAVEN?

But you want to know the best thing about these great coffees? They are affordable! All of Godiva Coffee's seasonal gifts and coffee flavors are less than $10 and available nationwide at grocery stores along with Wal-Mart and Target. The coffee/chocolate combo makes a wonderful hostess gift, and for teachers, colleagues or friends, a bag of your favorite flavor paired with a special coffee mug is especially fun.

Less than $10 for Godiva flavored coffee? I'm sold!! What a great gift to show your favorite coffee lover how much they mean to you! And the pretty boxes they come in are presentation ready. The packages are shiny and pretty - so shiny you'll see flash glare on my pictures from the flash on my camera. :)

Check out for a retailer near you. This is definitely one gift you'll want to pick up for yourself too. :)

Want the chance to try some Godiva Chocolatier Coffee? Then you're in luck! One very lucky Shady Lady reader will get the chance to win a $25 value gift pack
which will include 2 12 oz. bags of seasonal coffee (Peppermint Mocha and Cinnamon Gingerbread Truffle) as well as 1 Coffee/Chocolate Gems set. Boy, are you gonna love this!!

Are you salivating right now? Then wipe the drool and get busy entering! :)

Just use the Rafflecopter entry method for your entries. If Rafflecopter isn't working for you, leave a blog comment with your entries and I'll take them into consideration when choosing a winner.

US only please. Giveaway ends midnight CST Saturday December 10. Good luck!

(Disclosure: I was provided products to help facilitate this review. However my opinions are my own and I received no monetary compensation.)


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