May 1, 2012

Picture Keeper easy photo backup system {#giveaway}

Computer crashes. They happen even to tech savvy people. Hard drives don't usually give you any notice that they are about to fail. They just fail. And unless you have the tools and know-how to retrieve data from a dead hard drive, it could cost you big bucks to have a computer technician do it for you. And even then there are no guarantees of success.

What was on your hard drive when it crashed? If you're like most people, you've got hundreds---perhaps thousands---of digital photos.

Special occasions.
That beautiful sunset you wanted to capture, the gorgeous flowers in your garden, the view from some high spot on your last trip...

All priceless memories and keepsakes that would devastate you if you lost them, right?

So what do you do to preserve those photos? Do you have a backup system you use consistently? Or do you simply cross your fingers and hope that your computer never crashes?

I'm very excited to tell you about a new product available for folks who need a simple way to backup their precious digital photos. PICTURE KEEPER is brand new on the market and fills a very important need---an uncomplicated, fully-automated way for people who are not necessarily tech savvy to preserve photos found on their computer hard drive.

And it couldn't be easier to use.

Whenever you take digital photos, you transfer them from your camera to your computer so that you can save them, email them, use them with digital scrapbooking programs, upload them to sharing websites, post them to Facebook, etc. If you've been using a digital camera, then you know how easy it is to get those photos from the camera to the computer. And you probably store all your photos in one handy place so you can find them easily later ("My Photos", for example).

If you've been using a digital camera for a while now, you probably already know the convenience of categorizing or labeling your digital photos. Most camera software will create new file folders on your computer's hard drive with the current date as the default folder name, thus making it easier to find photos when you're searching for them.

You might even subscribe to an online archive service that automatically backs up your computer data on a regular basis. These are fine for some people, but they can be very expensive, and you have to make sure your computer is turned on and online when the regularly scheduled backup takes place. You also have to remember to renew your annual subscription to this kind of service or guess what? Your photos will be deleted from their storage space for non-payment.

And you're back where you started...precious photos on your computer and no backup in case of equipment failure.

For less than the price of one year's subscription fee to those online backup services, you can purchase the Picture Keeper and do it yourself. Yes, you. It's really easy to use!

Picture Keeper is a simple idea that works. You get a USB drive with special software already installed on it. Just run the software (it will auto-run if your computer is set up that way) and Picture Keeper does the rest, finding and copying your precious photos from your computer to the Picture Keeper USB drive, which can then be unplugged and put away in a safe place. Your pictures are now backed up. Should something happen to your computer hard drive, you have saved your photos on the Picture Keeper device and can easily access them whenever you like.

Do you have one of those digital picture frames? I love those! They look like a normal picture frame displaying some favorite photo, but then in a moment or two the photo has changed and now you're looking at a different photo. A brilliant idea! If your digital picture frame accepts USB devices, you can plug your Picture Keeper device right into it and have all the photos on Picture Keeper instantly available for viewing on the digital picture frame.

Since the Picture Keeper USB device is small and easily portable, you can even take it to your favorite digital photo printer and have prints made from any photo on the Picture Keeper device. The "U" in USB stands for "universal", and that's no exaggeration. Picture Keeper works on any computer or device that has a USB port, both Windows PC and Apple Mac. So sharing photos with family members is easy and simple---regardless of the type of computer they own.

Picture Keeper is available nationwide at many retailers (including Hobby Lobby and Walgreens) and comes complete with everything you need to get started quickly. The special software is pre-loaded on the Picture Keeper device, so there's nothing to install.

Just plug the USB device into any available USB port on your computer and follow the directions. Picture Keeper will search your computer and automatically copy every digital photo it finds, including preserving file and folder names! The first time you run it, it could take several minutes for the software to find and transfer copies of all your photos (depending of course on how many photos you have saved on your hard drive), but after the first time, all you have to do the next time is just plug Picture Keeper in and it automatically looks for only new photos or photos that have been changed since the last backup.

You don't have to copy every single photo again every time you use Picture Keeper. It just grabs new ones to add to what is already on Picture Keeper. I love that feature!

And I love how portable Picture Keeper is. You can carry your Picture Keeper with you to get prints printed, or to a special event like a family reunion, where someone is bound to have brought their laptop for displaying photos. Just plug your Picture Keeper in and voila! You're sharing your photos! Want to make sure Mom or Grandma always have the latest photos of your children? Use Picture Keeper to transfer digital photos to their computers or digital picture frames easily, without the hassle of attaching them to email or uploading to a website. People who have only recently begun to use a computer will appreciate your thoughtfulness in keeping it simple for them.

And what a great Mother's Day gift this would make!

Picture Keeper is available for purchase on their website ( as well as in national retailers, catalogs, and scrapbooking supply stores. It has recently become available at select Walgreens stores, which is a convenient location to buy Picture Keeper and print photos!

Picture Keeper also is running a promotion right now. Purchase a Picture Keeper at a participating Walgreens store and receive a coupon for 50 FREE Prints at a Walgreens Photo Center. Just save your receipt and email it to and they will provide a $5.00 Walgreens gift card!

If you're computer savvy enough to be able to create your own data backups, then you're one of the lucky ones. Fact is, many folks just don't have the know-how or confidence to do it themselves. But why pay big bucks for an online service that charges you an annual fee? When you buy Picture Keeper, it's yours. No more fees ever, except for printing costs when you decide to print out some photos. And as your digital photo collection grows, simply purchase more Picture Keepers as needed. They are affordable enough to share with friends and family, too.

The Picture Keeper website is chock-full of help if you need it. There's a video showing how it works. There's a FAQ if you get stuck somewhere and need help (for example, Windows 7 is set not to auto-run by default - but they'll show you how to fix that). They even have instant online chat support if you need it.

Picture Keeper comes in several different sizes, depending on how many digital photos you have to save. Here's a handy chart to give you an idea, but use this only as a starting guide and keep in mind that you most likely will continue to take and store photos in the future. Buying more Picture Keepers is easy, but it's so much more convenient to simply purchase the right size for your current collection and then make allowances for future additions.

Want to try Picture Keeper for yourself? Then you're in luck! One lucky Shady Lady reader will win a Picture Keeper PK4! Use the Rafflecopter form to enter. Please allow a minute or two for Rafflecopter to load. If you're still having trouble, just leave a comment with your info in the regular comment section below and I'll enter it into the Rafflecopter form. Winner selected randomly and will be notified by email, but must respond within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be selected. Giveaway open to US residents only please. Ends midnight Saturday May 5th. Good luck!