June 8, 2012

@Sonos @Target Perfect gift for #Dads & #Grads

If you're looking for the perfect gift for Dads and Grads, then you simply must check out the deal now going on at Target stores. When you purchase a Play:3 or Play:5 Sonos speaker system, you get a wi-fi wireless bridge ($49.95 value) FOR FREE!

It's an awesome deal on a gift guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

Here's a video on how the Sonos wi-fi sound system works --

Such a cool setup! I like how you can control everything right from your Smartphone or tablet (free apps too!). It's easy to manage music with the Sonos system. You can wirelessly play the same song all through the house (wherever there's a Sonos wireless speaker) or you can play a different song for each room. That's versatility!

And not just music. What about the big game? Everyone else may be glued to the TV, but you can still stream and listen to the plays while you're in the kitchen making snacks, grilling in the backyard, or even hanging out by the pool.

Wouldn't this be the perfect gift for someone you love? And wouldn't it be the perfect gift for yourself or your family? Then hurry on in to your local Target store, because this promotion ends June 9th.


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