December 2, 2012

New Purex plus Oxi fights stains! #purex

Being a Purex Insider means I get to try great new products from Purex -- like the new Purex Plus Oxi, a stain-fighting liquid laundry detergent that is so powerful it can even be used to pretreat stains too! mean I can save money by simply purchasing ONE product with the power of Oxi to clean my clothes, get whites whiter and brights brighter, AND pretreat stains??

And as you know, Purex products give you everything you need for laundry and more, at about half the price of other leading brands. Now that's great news!!

I had the perfect opportunity recently to try out the stain-fighting, pretreating abilities of Purex Plus Oxi. At a holiday party, I managed to spill both red wine and salsa on my new white blouse. YIKES!! Don't you hate when that happens? There's not much you can do except make a joke of it, right?

But when I got home, I remembered the bottle of Purex Plus Oxi that I had been sent to review and thought this would be the perfect test.

I poured a little Purex Plus Oxi on both the red wine and the salsa stains and left them for a while. Then I washed the blouse with a load of whites in COLD water. Yep, cold. I live dangerously. :) (By the way, just so you know, Purex Plus Oxi, like all Purex products, is formulated to work in both high efficiency washers and traditional washing machines.)

When I took the blouse out of the washer and checked it, I couldn't believe it! Purex Plus Oxi had completely removed the stains. My new blouse was... well... as good as new again! WOW!!

Purex Plus Oxi is the most powerful Purex detergent available. In fact, it works against over 101 different stains! The three stain-fighting enzymes in Purex Plus Oxi each work against different types of stains for the most Purex stain-fighting power you can get. It's also hypoallergenic, with a light, fresh scent that is perfect for everyday laundry or your most heavily soiled loads.

Since I saw with my own eyes how well it works on the toughest stains, I'm a believer! I'll definitely be adding Purex Plus Oxi to my shopping list from now on.

Purex, you've done it again! :)

{Diclosure: Purex provided a sample of Purex Plus Oxi to facilitate my review. However, my opinions are my own.}


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