March 12, 2013

Love Honey Bunches of Oats? Try new Tropical Blends!

Cereal is a staple in my house. Not just for breakfast, but any time I need a quick bite to eat that isn't junk food. I try to buy cereals that are high in fiber and low in sugar so that they are healthier for me. But some of those high fiber cereals taste more like... well, like shredded cardboard. Yuck.

When I found Honey Bunches of Oats, I was hooked! This cereal is high in fiber but also HIGH in flavor! I'd have to say it's my favorite cereal and I always keep some on hand.

So imagine my delight to learn about a new variety of Honey Bunches of Oats called Tropical Blends. I tried the new mango/coconut variety and WOW!!

Can you say yummy?!?

You not only get the goodness you know and love with regular Honey Bunches of Oats, but the new Tropical Blends mango/coconut has added mango-flavored flakes and real coconut shavings for a flavor blast that is out of this world. Sweet, crunchy goodness! I've always loved fruit in my cereal and now I've got TROPICAL fruits right from the box!

But wait, there's more...

Have you ever wanted to visit Hawaii? How about Waikiki Beach? Wouldn't that be awesome! A dream vacation!

Well, you might be able to stop dreaming and start experiencing because now you've got a chance to enter the 2013 Tropical Trio Sweepstakes! One lucky winner will be sent on a tropical paradise vacation to Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach! Enter to win a chance to spend your days relaxing underneath the warm Hawaiian sun and your nights exploring Waikiki’s never-ending nightlife.

So try new Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blends and send your taste buds on a trip to the tropics! And be sure to enter the Sweepstakes! Who knows, YOU may be sunning on Waikiki Beach! Good luck!

{Disclaimer: I was provided a product sample gratis to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was involved and my opinions are my own.}


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