March 20, 2013

Purex detergent + fabric softener with Crystals fragrance = a winner!

Purex, you've done it again!

New Purex laundry detergent plus fabric softener with Crystals fragrance is perfect for me. I love fragrance. Fragrance, fragrance, everywhere. Even in my washing machine. And I fell in love with Crystals when they first came out, because the wonderful scents are so longlasting and just...well...pleasant!

So now Purex has added the pleasant Fresh Spring Waters scent from Crystals, along with fabric softener, to a new detergent that also includes Dirt Lift technology. Clean clothes, longlasting fresh scent, and saving money -- what's not to love?

The first time I tried this new detergent, I couldn't wait to smell the goodness on my laundry. No, I mean I couldn't wait. Usually I wait until I've taken things out of the dryer before checking out the scent, but this time I buried my nose in a pile of wet laundry fresh from the washer.

And was in love!

Even after going through the dryer cycle, the scent was still amazing. The next load I washed was towels, and I used Purex with Crystals fragrance and I also added some Crystals product as well, for a double dose of scent.

Wow!! After washing and drying the towels, I folded them and stacked them on the bathroom shelf. Even days later they were still scenting my whole bathroom! Not overpowering, just subtle but definitely there, and so so pleasant.

I'm hooked. The Fresh Spring Waters scent is just perfect with its line-dried laundry and clean florals smell, but I can't wait until Purex surprises us with detergents featuring the other fabulous Crystals fragrances as well.

Purex, you've done it again!

Purex is also sponsoring a sweepstakes in honor of this new product. You can enter the Experience the Enchantment Sweepstakes and get a chance to win $1,000 and a year's supply of Purex plus Fabric Softener! 500 additional winners will win a coupon for a free bottle of Purex detergent. And all you have to do to be eligible to win is click here! Good luck!

{Disclosure: Purex provided a product sample gratis to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was involved, and my opinions are my own.}


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