April 15, 2010

Oh the joys of apartment living

So as I mentioned before, I've just moved into my own place after not having my own place for quite a while. I'm loving the privacy but not loving the apartment.

Nothing really wrong with it, I suppose... no, wait, there is plenty wrong with it. But the rent is so reasonable I really can't complain.


Thank God spring is finally here and I don't have to worry about turning on the heat for a few months at least. You see all I have in my apartment is baseboard heaters, and that means that I can't have furniture or anything even close to them when they are on.

So no bookcases, no entertainment center, basically I have one corner of my living room that can be fully used. So I'm trying to decide on a corner tv stand so that I can get my tv off the dresser in the bedroom and back into the living room where I can enjoy it more.

No room for a huge entertainment stand, which is what I'd really love to have, with room for dvds, books, objets d'art, etc.

But CSN Stores has some really lovely and affordable corner tv stands and I'm trying to decide which one to get. What do you think? Remember, I only have one tiny corner that I can safely put something as delicate as a tv, so the corner tv stand that I get won't be moved much. If at all.

But that's not the only problem with my apartment. Did I mention the cookstove? Did I mention that only two of the four burners work, and both of those are the small ones? Impossible to do any real cooking at all when all the heat is concentrated on about a four inch diameter area. And forget about frying anything. Part of the food burns while the rest doesn't get cooked completely.


Oh yes, and the buttons on the stove look like they came off a toaster oven or something. It's totally hit or miss guesswork.

But the rent is so cheap... Okay, rather than approach my landlady yet again about fixing the stove, I've decided to just stop using it altogether. And I'm going to be getting an electric skillet along with that corner tv stand. So the next time I decide to make pancakes or fried eggs, I can do it without having to physically move the skillet around on the tiny burner to make sure everything cooks at the same speed.

The funny thing is... all this kinda makes me feel like a kid again, and the thrill of getting my own apartment the very first time and trying to figure out how to budget my money and still furnish my place so that I can live comfortably. That's all I ask. Just to live comfortably.

Anybody got any good recipes to use in an electric skillet?