September 26, 2011

Fall is the perfect time for Silkies tights! {review & giveaway}

Before winter officially sets in and you have to haul out the down-filled parkas and heavy coats, don't you just love the crispness of fall? When the temperature starts gradually dropping, not into the single digits quite yet, but sharply down from the nineties we endured for most of this past summer!

To me it's the perfect time to show off those sweet sweaters I've been holding back, the perfect time to bring out the skirts and put away the shorts, the perfect time to break out my secret weapon --


And not just any old tights. Colored tights. Patterned tights. Tights with just enough control to flatter.

Silkies, the hottest tights I've seen in years, are now available on the Silkies website. If it's been years since you wore tights, you owe it to yourself to check out Silkies. These tights are very fashion forward, in fact they look more like pantyhose than tights. If you are a fan of wearing tights, you'll be delighted with not only the selection of patterns and textures but the prices too!

Silkies sent me a pair of Sculptz paisley-patterned tights to try for myself. I went by the size chart online and I hoped that the XLarge size would fit, but it doesn't, it's too small. So I definitely need the XXLarge. If you are between sizes or not sure, I suggest going with the next larger size just to be safe.
But realize too that these tights are supposed to be... well, tight. They have built-in tummy control and upper thigh control. And they have a lot of stretch and give to them. But again, not enough if you get the wrong size. But that was my fault. I should have played it safe and got the larger size. Oh well, I'll give this pair to my sister and see how she likes them. Lucky her! I love these tights!!

They have an ornamental paisley design with subtle peek-through for a glamorous and sophisticated leg look combined with their ultimate shaping panty that slims, smoothes, and sculpts your silhouette.

• Unique shaping control panels in panty
• Tummy flattening
• Hip & thigh smoothing
• Rear lifting
• Soft to the touch with subtle peek-through on leg
• Cotton-lined gusset
• Made in the U.S.A. of domestic and imported yarns
• Fabric content: 84.51% nylon/15.49% spandex

Just take a look at all the fabulous colors and patterns available. And the prices are great! Whether you need just a little tummy/thigh control, or whether you need the full Sculptz support, you'll find something to love at Silkies!

Not into tights for yourself? How about for a daughter, niece, granddaughter, sister, secret pal... the list goes on and on. Even women who may never have worn tights before will be delighted to receive Silkies as a gift!

Sculptz Inc. also produces and sells a variety of shapewear, legwear, anti-aging skincare products and even a pain relieving cream. They are dedicated to offering only high quality products. They want to get and keep your business.

September 21, 2011

Setting Up A Wireless Network At Home {guest post}

How to Set Up Wireless Internet at Home

Wireless Internet providers can help you set up your own wireless Internet access at home. A few simple steps are all you need to enjoy surfing the Web and connect different devices.
(Courtesy of Flickr User: lucamascaro)
Here are the things you need for your setup:

An Operating System Compatible with Wireless Networking

If you are using Windows 7, then you already have full support for wireless networking. If you are using Windows Vista, you will need Service Pack 2. In case you have Windows XP, you will need to install Service Pack 3.

Although these updates are not a must for wireless networking access, they make the process easier and safer because of the enhanced protection against worms and different types of online intruders.

A Broadband Internet Connection

Setting up wireless internet requires a high-speed internet connection such as cable or Digital Subscriber Line access. Both cable and DSL technologies require modems, which are usually given by the relevant internet service providers. You normally pay your ISP on a monthly basis.

The way you set up your new internet connection will depend on your operating system.

Windows Vista and Windows 7: Go to the Control Panel and type 'network' in the search box. Click on 'Network and Sharing Center' and then 'Set up a new connection'. Double-click the 'Connect to the Internet' and follow the Internet wizard's instructions.

Windows XP: Go to the Control Panel and click on 'Network and Internet'. Click on 'Network and Sharing Center', 'Set up a connection or network' and 'Connect to the Internet' respectively to access the internet wizard.

(Courtesy of Flickr User: Podknox)
A Cable or DSL Modem Compatible with Wireless Networking or Wireless Router

New cable or DSL modems have built-in support for wireless networking and all you need is to activate your connection by taking the steps your ISP provides. Alternatively, you may use a wireless router that converts the incoming signals into wireless broadcast. In this case, ensure you buy a wireless router instead of a wireless access point. Your router should preferably support Wireless-N (802.11n) or Wireless-G (802.11g) technologies, which are compatible with nearly everything you may need and have great performance.

If you just want to connect devices on a temporary basis, then set up an ad hoc network. The setup steps will depend on your operating system.

A Computer with Wireless Network Adapter or Built-in Support for Wireless Networking

Newer computers have built-in support for wireless networking. If you need to buy a wireless network adapter, however, choose one made by the same manufacturer for your wireless router.

Your Wireless Router Setup Instructions:

Different routers have different requirements. Ensure you have relevant setup instructions for your router. If you do not have a copy of the instructions from wireless internet providers or manufacturer, then go to the manufacturer's website and look for the relevant guides.

Here'’s how to set up your wireless internet and network once you have all required items:

• Connect to your wireless broadband internet
• Connect the wireless router to either your cable or DSL modem. Follow the steps from your ISP if you have a modem router.
• Turn off the modem by unplugging it.
• Connect the router to the modem, ensuring the modem remains directly connected to the internet.
• Plug in the modem and turn it on. Give it a few minutes to connect to the internet before plugging in and turning on the wireless router.
• Unplug all network cables. Plug them into the ports found on the wireless router. Once the router has connected to the internet successfully, its WAN, WLAN or internet light indicator will light up.
• Configure the wireless router

This is a guest article by Ruben Corbo, a writer for the website Broadband Expert where you can find wireless internet providers in your area and compare prices on different deals for your mobile broadband needs.

September 18, 2011

Magid Lens Cleaning Towelettes review

One nice thing about being single and living alone? I can eat meals or snacks anytime I like. Anywhere I like. And I like eating while working at the computer. I have no problem multitasking that way!

But I do have a problem with smears and splashes. No matter how careful you are, you're going to get something on your keyboard and/or computer screen. It's inevitable.

I also wear computer reading glasses (which I recently reviewed for Reading Glasses Shopper Online). They too get splashed and smeared with normal use. Keeping everything clean and clear used to be a chore, and I was always afraid that whatever product I used might actually do more damage than good!

That, at least, is no longer a problem since I found Magid Lens Cleaning Towelettes. The Magid Glove & Safety Manufacturing Company is America's leading manufacturer, importer, distributor and direct supplier of hand protection, protective clothing, first aid, and personal protective equipment.
I love their Lens Cleaning Towelettes! They come individually wrapped like those finger wet-nap thingies, 100 to a box. They are pre-moistened, anti-fog, anti-static, and can be used on glass, plastic or polycarbonate eyeglass lenses, safety goggles, and computer screens.
When I cleaned my computer reading glasses with one of the towelettes, I couldn't believe how crystal-clear they were after cleaning! And since the lenses are plastic, I was a little leery of using this new product on them, but I need not have worried. The towelette cleaned the glasses beautifully and left not a single streak or scratch behind.

Next I used one on my computer screen and was very satisfied with the results. The screen is completely clean and clear, no more smudges or splashes. I will definitely be keeping some of these individually packaged pre-moistened towelettes handy for cleaning both my computer reading glasses and my computer monitor screen.

And at a price of only $7.88 for a box of 100, this is a great deal. The shipping is a little high for ordering just one box for average consumer home use, but this is definitely a product you want to get your hands on, so be creative... How about combining orders with friends and relatives? A computer club? Sports club? Or maybe your employer could use these at work and would let you purchase a box at cost?

I can highly recommend the Magid Lens Cleaning Towelettes. They come in a sturdy convenient box with a handy hanger for hanging on the wall wherever a lens cleaner would be helpful.

{Disclosure: I received a sample for review. My opinions are my own. No monetary consideration was involved in any way.}

Bounce It Off Millions Facebook promotion - win prizes for asking questions!

Chocolate or vanilla? Handwritten note or email? Bounce dryer sheet or Bounce dryer bar?

Simple questions? Yes. But ones that we must decide almost on a daily basis. How about some more thought-provoking questions, such as...

Do you think a month's grounding and nothing to do but watch tv is a good punishment for your child getting caught stealing at the mall?
o Yes
o No

If someone were to ask you that question, what would be your answer? Wonder what millions of people would answer? Got a question of your own you'd like to ask millions of folks to get an opinion?

The question about shoplifting is one of the real questions submitted through the fabulous new contest going on at Bounce's Facebook page in their Bounce It Off Millions promotion.

You can ask your own question and be eligible to win great prizes. Also, 5000 lucky participants will win Bounce dryer bars.

Here's my question:

If you know you'll be losing your job in 6 months, should you start looking for another one now or wait?

o Start looking now and accept whatever you can get, regardless of wage or benefits. Jobs are hard to find!
o Keep your current job until it ends, then worry about another job. Your benefits are too good to walk away from early.

So what's your question you would love to "Bounce off millions"? Even if you don't have a question of your own, you can share your opinion by helping others with their questions.

And who knows... you just might win a prize too!

The Bounce It Off Millions promotion ends September 19, so hurry and get your question in before it's too late.

{Disclosure: I participated in this campaign as a member of One2One Network and am eligible for a prize drawing. All opinions stated in the post are my own.}