December 2, 2012

#Torani syrups - coffeehouse flavors at home! @Torani

If there's one thing my close friends and family know about me, it's that I have a love affair going on.

With coffee.

I love love LOVE coffee! Can't start my morning without it!

But not black coffee. Blech. Dull. Boring. Bitter. Fine for you folks that drink your coffee black, but it's not for me.

I love coffee with sweetener and cream -- either Half & Half, milk, or a powdered or flavored liquid creamer. And I've seen and tried Torani syrups in those fancy bars and restaurants and coffeehouses. Yummmmm!

So imagine my delight when SheSpeaks asked me to try some Torani syrup in my home! I received two bottles of Torani syrup -- Peppermint and Salted Caramel.

Peppermint syrup in coffee?? To be honest, I haven't tried that yet, because that's one combination that just doesn't sound right to me. But I will try it with coffee soon and see. I'm not afraid. :) But I did try it with green tea and WOW!! What a flavor boost!! It was absolutely delicious in tea, so I may save the peppermint for tea and recipes. Wouldn't it be great in a holiday punch? Yeah, I think so too!

The Salted Caramel flavor, on the other hand...well, let me just say I AM IN LOVE! Salted Caramel and coffee go together like a marriage made in heaven! I wasn't sure how I'd like the caramel taste in coffee (I'm more of a chocolate/nuts person, like mocha and amaretto) but let me tell you the "salted" part really makes a HUGE difference in taste! Love it!! Since first opening the bottle, I have had it in every single cup of coffee. It. Is. Addicting! I will definitely be purchasing this for my own coffeehouse-at-home.

Torani syrups are sweetened already so all you do is add a dash to your favorite beverage and you won't have to add any sugar or sweetener at all. They also come in sugar-free varieties, so don't let that put you off. These are absolutely fabulous and are just jam-packed with inspiration for fresh new drinks and recipes!

Torani syrups also come in fruit flavors as well, so there's something for everybody. I have one of those home soda makers, and I'm going to try the Peppermint flavor in some plain carbonated water and see how that goes. Use your own imagination and add a dash of deliciousness to just about everything!

Thanks to SheSpeaks and Torani for providing these products for me to try. Although the products were provided gratis, my opinions are my own. And my opinion is:


But don't just take my word for it. Pick up a bottle next time you're shopping and try it for yourself. They are not terribly expensive, and will add so much flavor and sheer indulgence, they're worth every penny!