November 20, 2013

Old El Paso Flash #Giveaway! #MyBlogSpark

When my family craves salsa and tacos, I reach for Old El Paso products. I've been buying Old El Paso for decades. Why? Consistent quality. You know what you're getting when Old El Paso is on the label.

Salsa and taco fixings aren't just the extent of Old El Paso's product range, however. They also offer some great frozen entrees.
Recently I was given the chance to try a couple of Old El Paso frozen entrees courtesy of Old El Paso and MyBlogSpark. Steak Fajitas dinner was delicious! Succulent, seasoned steak and fresh roasted onions and bell peppers come together in a sizzling medley of flavor. Pair it with warm tortillas and your favorite toppings and salsa, and you have a meal worth going out for – but won’t have to.
We also tried the Shredded Beef Enchiladas. Melt in your mouth good! Authentic corn ‒ not flour ‒ tortillas wrapped around mouthwateringly seasoned beef, topped with a flavorful ancho chile sauce sprinkled with fresh shredded Monterey Jack cheese that comes hot and bubbling straight out of the oven. Serve with rice and refried beans for a complete Mexican meal at home.
Want a chance to try Old El Paso frozen entrees and see for yourself just how good they are? You're in luck! Old El Paso and MyBlogSpark are providing one lucky Shady Lady reader with a free product coupon AND a $10 Visa gift card to help you purchase sides or other ingredients you might want to add to your meal. The winner will also receive a beautiful colorful tray to present taco fixings or chips & dip in high style.

This is a FLASH GIVEAWAY that will end in 24 hrs. So get your entry in now! I've made it simple to enter. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me which Old El Paso frozen entree you'd love to try first. I'll select a winner tomorrow and notify them by email to get their mailing address. SO HURRY! Good luck!

Connect with Old El Paso on Facebook.

Disclosure: The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark. I received product gratis to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was involved, and my opinions are my own.

November 15, 2013

More Sweeps from Purex! #giveaway #win

Mothers, we salute you. You deserve a much-needed day off, and the Purex brand would like to provide it! You can enter to WIN a day off for yourself or nominate another deserving Mom. Just click this link to enter! It's that easy!

With the kids back in school, that means more time for Mom to shop, scrapbook, read and more! Like the Purex brand on Facebook and enter to WIN one of our weekly prizes today! Just click this link to enter! It's that easy!

August 26, 2013

@BlueDiamond Artisan Nut-Thins are sensational!

I love nuts and seeds! I mean, who doesn't, right? Not only are nuts and seeds tasty, they're good for you too.

Blue Diamond is a name synonymous with quality nuts. But they have a new product out that you simply MUST try if you love nuts, seeds, crispy snacks, entertaining with style, and eating healthy.

Introducing new Artisan Nut-Thins from Blue Diamond!

I couldn't believe how crisp these snack crackers are! They come wrapped in heavy-duty foil inner package to preserve that crispness. I recommend using a clip to close the bag when not in use, or transfer these crackers to an airtight container. You don't want moisture ruining the crispness.

With all the seeds, these baked crackers are a substantial snack. And luckily, just 130 calories per 13-count serving! That's a healthy snack you can feel good about! Made from brown rice, almonds, and seeds, they are free of wheat and gluten and provide 3 grams of fiber per serving. They hold up extremely well with dips or canape toppings.
As a trial, I used some cheddar and swiss cheese, fresh tomato and ranch dressing, cucumber, bell pepper, and banana pepper with a bit of pesto. The crackers were marvelous at maintaining their crispness, no matter the toppings. They did not get soggy quickly like so many other products do, so you can make appetizers ahead of time if you like.

I cannot recommend these Artisan Nut-Thins enough!! They are simply delicious, regardless of the healthy snack benefits. I'm a sucker for sesame seeds, so that was the first variety I reached for. I wasn't disappointed! Nutty, buttery, just a hint of salt, and crisp enough to satisfy my snacking craving. The multi-seed and flax seed varieties are just as good.

Try them! I know you and your family will love them!

{Disclosure: I received product gratis courtesy of to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was involved and my opinions are my own.}

August 3, 2013

Purex 31 Days of Fun Sweepstakes! #win

Beat the August heat by entering to win cool gifts in the Purex 31 Days of Fun Sweepstakes!

Every day in August, Purex will be giving away some cool gifts to lucky fans of their Facebook page.

Wanna see what you could win? Check it out!

I'd love to win a new Xbox One or PS4, a home theater system, or a KitchenAid mixer! What would you like to win?

Today's prize (August 3rd) is noise-cancelling headphones and new music! A $270 value! And the winner just might be YOU!

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Purex Facebook page and "like" Purex to get your entry in. There's a new giveaway every day in August. That's COOL!

July 28, 2013

More great Purex products & ways to #WIN!

I love being a Purex Insider. It means I get to be one of the first to try great new Purex products and tell others about them.

Like the new body washes from Dial. You know and trust the Dial brand, and now there are some wonderful new products in their line of body washes to try!

My skin gets so dry and flaky in the summer, so I was excited to try out Skin Therapy Himalayan Pink Salt & Water Lily Replenishing Body Wash. For me, it worked wonders on my dry skin! You know how you love a sugar scrub to exfoliate and soften? Think of that, only better. Himalayan Pink Salt really helped get rid of the flakes and softened my skin in the process. And the scent of Water Lily was just awesome in the shower!

Dial has many great body washes for you to try. Next on my list is Coconut Water & Bamboo Leaf Extract Ultra Fresh Hydrating Body Wash. Doesn't that just sound...well... spa-like? :) celebrate 65 years of Dial, some lucky winner could walk away with $65,000 in GOLD! 65 more winners could win a year's supply of Dial Body Washes! Woo-hoo!! Now that's something to celebrate! Enter here and good luck!

Would you like to become a Purex Insider too? It's easy! Just head over to and sign up. Soon you could be trying out great new products from the Purex family.

{Disclosure: As a Purex Insider, product was provided gratis for my review. No monetary consideration was involved, and my opinions are my own.}

Surf Sweets candy is a hit! {review}

Okay, so I was going to show you a photo of the lovely bags of Surf Sweets Candy I received to review, but... well...

Here's the first photo I could get --

Yep, that's right.


Surf Sweets candy is soooo good, they disappeared in no time flat.

Now, I don't know what your yardstick is to measure how good a brand of candy is, but to me, those empty bags say it all.

Surf Sweets are not only very VERY tasty, but they are better for your family. Gluten-free, allergy-free, natural and organic. No GMOs, no corn syrup, no artificial colors or flavors. Just pure fruity goodness!

Surf Sweets come in a variety to suit everyone. My favorite (when I could snatch a bite, that is!) is Sour Berry Bears. Man, are they goooood!! There's a dusting of crystal sugar to offset the sour bite (not too sour - just right) and after a chew or two, they just melt in your mouth. All that fruity goodness, and all-natural! The jelly beans were my second favorite. I'll admit, I've never been much of a jelly bean fan, but Surf Sweets Jelly Beans might just change my mind! Instead of pure sugar and chemicals and who-knows-what, these are natural and organic and just plain tasty. Then of course there are Gummy Bears, Gummy Worms, and a bunch of other varieties, so there's something for everyone.

I can't wait to sink my teeth into the newest flavors, Watermelon Rings and Peach Rings. Peach! Yum!!

Try Surf Sweets. You'll be knocked out by the flavor, and will feel good about treating your family to a healthier alternative to regular candy.

{Disclosure: As a blogger associate of, product was provided gratis to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was involved, and my opinions are my own.}

May 1, 2013

Fab new Purex products & Exciting new #Sweepstakes!

Ah, Spring... my absolute favorite time of the year!

Put away the heavy winter coats. Rejoice that heating bills will now be much lower. Open the windows and let in the warm spring breeze.

But although I love opening the windows in spring, that's like an engraved invitation to insects. Ugh!
If you have ant and/or roach problems, then you need to know about the NEW Combat Killing Bait Strips! Forget those old methods of stinky spray bottles or poisonous powders. They are a hazard to children and pets. Combat Bait Strips are designed to be placed in unobtrusive, out of the way places, thus removing the hazard.

And nothing could be easier!
Place it and forget it. The pesky insects will do all the work for you.

I noticed that the majority of my indoor ants and roaches were in the vicinity of the kitchen window over my sink, which was the first window I opened once the spring temperatures became mild. So I placed a few of these bait strips under the wooden sill, out of the way, high enough that children and pets can't reach them, and positioned right at the outdoor source of my infestation.

Two words: THEY WORK!

Next time you're looking for a pest solution--or simply to set up a preemptive strike!--check out new Combat Bait Strips for ants and roaches. I know you'll be pleased with the product! Combat Killing Bait Strips are available at Walmart, Home Depot, Family Dollar, Dollar General, & Publix.

Want a chance to WIN $1,000? Who doesn't! Enter the Combat $1,000 Giveaway and you just might get lucky! After you enter, there's also a money-saving coupon you can print for your purchase of Combat Killing Bait Strips. Win-Win!

{Disclosure: Combat brand provided me with a sample of Combat Killing Bait Strips in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.}

Spring is also time for cleaning, right? I'm always looking for new household cleaning products to help me clean smarter, faster, and more efficiently. New Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care helps me do all that.
I love this new product! Unlike other toilet bowl rim-hangers that don't stay in place or that dissolve too quickly, Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care is designed with a unique "cage" to keep the product in place AND allow water to activate the cleaner with each flush.

I love the Alpine Fresh smell too. Every time I go into the bathroom, I can smell the freshness and I know that Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care is working for me...without my having to lift a finger.

Cleans toilets, prevents future buildup, fights toilet ring, and freshens for up to 4 weeks. And all that for under $2.00! Now that's a bargain! Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care is available at Walmart. Try it today!

{Disclosure: The Soft Scrub brand provided me with a sample of Soft Scrub 4-in-1 Toilet Care in exchange for a product review. However, all the opinions expressed here are my own.}

March 20, 2013

Purex detergent + fabric softener with Crystals fragrance = a winner!

Purex, you've done it again!

New Purex laundry detergent plus fabric softener with Crystals fragrance is perfect for me. I love fragrance. Fragrance, fragrance, everywhere. Even in my washing machine. And I fell in love with Crystals when they first came out, because the wonderful scents are so longlasting and just...well...pleasant!

So now Purex has added the pleasant Fresh Spring Waters scent from Crystals, along with fabric softener, to a new detergent that also includes Dirt Lift technology. Clean clothes, longlasting fresh scent, and saving money -- what's not to love?

The first time I tried this new detergent, I couldn't wait to smell the goodness on my laundry. No, I mean I couldn't wait. Usually I wait until I've taken things out of the dryer before checking out the scent, but this time I buried my nose in a pile of wet laundry fresh from the washer.

And was in love!

Even after going through the dryer cycle, the scent was still amazing. The next load I washed was towels, and I used Purex with Crystals fragrance and I also added some Crystals product as well, for a double dose of scent.

Wow!! After washing and drying the towels, I folded them and stacked them on the bathroom shelf. Even days later they were still scenting my whole bathroom! Not overpowering, just subtle but definitely there, and so so pleasant.

I'm hooked. The Fresh Spring Waters scent is just perfect with its line-dried laundry and clean florals smell, but I can't wait until Purex surprises us with detergents featuring the other fabulous Crystals fragrances as well.

Purex, you've done it again!

Purex is also sponsoring a sweepstakes in honor of this new product. You can enter the Experience the Enchantment Sweepstakes and get a chance to win $1,000 and a year's supply of Purex plus Fabric Softener! 500 additional winners will win a coupon for a free bottle of Purex detergent. And all you have to do to be eligible to win is click here! Good luck!

{Disclosure: Purex provided a product sample gratis to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was involved, and my opinions are my own.}

Want whiter teeth? SmileBrilliant review & #giveaway #SBwhitening

There's nothing more beautiful and friendly-looking than a great big beautiful smile!

But after 40 years of smoking and 50 years of drinking cola, tea, and coffee, my teeth are so not-white that I'm embarrassed to smile anymore. And that's really sad, when you think about it. A grin just isn't the same thing at all.

My teeth are so bad, in fact, that I thought about taking a before and after photo of my teeth to show you how well the Smile Brilliant teeth whitening system works, but... well, I was just too embarrassed.

If yellow, stained teeth are holding you back socially, then you owe it to yourself to look into getting your teeth whitened. You can talk to your dentist about it - but be prepared for a shock. Dental whitening is VERY expensive.

Prepare yourself for another shock - you can get the same products your dentist charges outrageously for and perform your own teeth whitening at home for a fraction of the cost of going to the dentist.

Smile Brilliant genuinely works! You get the same tooth whitening gel dentists use, but by using the LED light along with the gel, your results are dramatically increased at a dramatically faster rate. Believe it or not, I could noticeably tell a difference after just one use. Really! My teeth were at least 3 or 4 shades whiter than before I tried Smile Brilliant!

I was so excited about the results, I used the product again the very next day. Still got good results, but my teeth were feeling a bit sensitive to the bleaching gel by then. So I skipped a couple of days and then used it again with no sensitivity at all.

This product truly is amazing. Since they use the same whitening gel that other systems use, I have to think it's the LED light that makes the difference, since it seems to accelerate the whitening process very dramatically. It is a bit awkward to use, however, since you must carefully paint the whitening gel onto your teeth first, avoiding lips and gums, then put the clear tray in place (this helps keep the gel on your teeth where it belongs). Finally, wrap your lips around the LED light device, turn it on, and relax for about 30 minutes or so.

Sounds easy enough. But make sure you've got 30 minutes of uninterrupted time for this. If you have to answer the phone, for instance, you'll have to start all over with the process. And I'd advise you not to answer the door, either, while using Smile Brilliant...unless you want to frighten the paper boy. :)

But those are really minor inconveniences when you consider the fantastic results you get. Smile Brilliant stands by their product with a money-back guarantee, and I can tell you from my own experience that my teeth are now dramatically whiter than they were before using Smile Brilliant.

So if you are plagued with not-white teeth too, or you simply want to keep your brilliant white smile between dental visits, give Smile Brilliant a try. I know you'll be as impressed as I was with the results.

Get more info at the Smile Brilliant website

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Want a chance to win the Smile Brilliant system? Just enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter form. Please allow a minute or two for Rafflecopter to load. Winner selected randomly and will be notified by email, but must respond within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be selected. Giveaway open to US and Canada residents only please. Ends midnight CST Wednesday March 27th. Good luck!

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{Disclosure: Smile Brilliant provided a product sample gratis to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was involved and my opinions are my own.)

March 18, 2013

Nicomate e-cigarette review & #giveaway #nicomate_com

I'm a smoker.

Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking. I know what everyone thinks about smoking. But believe me when I tell you I'm the kind of person who couldn't care less what other people think of me, and particularly what they think about my smoking habit.

Of course I try to be considerate and respect the rights of non-smokers. But by golly, they should respect my rights as well. So I'll smoke if I want to, especially in the privacy and sanctity of my own home.

I've always known that cigarette smoke lingers -- on everything: clothing, hair, furniture, skin. But being a smoker, it never bothered me before. I guess I was just used to it. But after going out of town for a few days and returning to my closed-up apartment... well, I am ashamed to admit that as soon as I opened the door, I could smell the lingering effects of smoking indoors in the winter.

And it literally stank.

Like I said, I couldn't care less what people think of my smoking. But walking back into my stinky apartment was just embarrassing. You don't really notice a smell that you've got used to - even such an obnoxious one - until you've been away from it for a day or so. Then it can knock you down, it's so powerful.

And I had to wonder - if this was what my apartment smelled like even when I had been gone for a couple of days, what on earth must I smell like when I've been smoking constantly for the last thirty or so years? Is my shampoo stripping the smoke smell from my hair or not? And what about my skin? Is soap and water sufficient to rid myself of the stink of cigarette smoke? And what about my clothes? I opened my closet and instantly realized that all my clothes stink too.

Enough is enough. Even though I don't care what others think, it's beginning to bother me.

Not to mention the fact that the price of cigarettes just keeps going up and up and up... When you smoke a pack or more every day, that can really add up in no time. But quitting smoking is one of the hardest things in the world. Ask any smoker who's tried to quit. It's almost impossible.

I've even tried prescription drugs to help me stop smoking. And they worked...for a while. But I went right back to smoking as if I'd never stopped. There is just something so addictive about not just nicotine but the whole cigarette-smoking experience. Having something in your hand. Putting something to your lips and inhaling. When you've been a habitual smoker for many years, those habits are really really hard to break.

So when I received some Nicomate electronic cigarettes to review, the timing was perfect. I was finally getting into the "quitting for real and for good" mindset. Because that's the first obstacle to quitting smoking - you have to want to quit.

But quitting cold turkey is so very very hard for most smokers. Smoking is not just a habit like biting your nails. It's a pleasure. It's something you enjoy. Making the decision to quit involves weighing the good/bad factors and finding that the bad outweighs the good. This is a must. If the good still outweighs the bad, you probably won't be able to quit successfully. Or if you do, you'll resent the fact that something you enjoy has been taken away from you.

So I'll be honest - I'm not entirely sure I'm ready to quit just yet, but I'm getting there. These Nicomate disposable e-cigarettes have helped me be smoke-free for the past four days. Yep. I smoked my last cigarette four days ago, and then decided to give Nicomate a try.

I am very pleased with the results so far. The Nicomate electronic cigarette system delivers a small amount of nicotine in a vaporized state, which is inhaled from a tube device designed to look just like a real cigarette. The whole thing is designed to be as realistic as possible. You exhale "smoke" which is just harmless vapor. The end of the "cigarette" glows red (from a tiny LED bulb inside it) when you puff. I even heard a slight crackling sound when inhaling. All of this is designed to replace your real cigarettes in a gentle manner. For many, smoking just gives them something to do with their hands. These Nicomate "cigarettes" are a little heavier than a normal cigarette, but that added heft helps you know your hands are occupied. The nicotine delivers a cigarette "fix", but the electronic cigarette eliminates smoke, secondhand smoke, smell, fire hazard, and ashes.

So far I have been able to resist the temptation to run to the store and pick up another pack of cigarettes. Nicomate has been quite effective for me...and I've been smoking a pack a day for thirty years. My only concern is that the disposable e-cigarettes are rather expensive and don't last very long. I think I may have to invest in the full outfit if I'm to be successful at quitting smoking. The disposables have limited "puffs" (equal to roughly one pack of cigarettes) while the regular unit is refillable. Plus you can get different tobacco flavors - normal, menthol, apple, strawberry, vanilla, and mint. I think the apple sounds nice to try.

If you are a smoker wanting to quit, or if you know someone who needs a little help to quit, Nicomate might be the solution. I'm really impressed with the design of these things. I can imagine that most men would disdain to use something like an "electronic cigarette" because it isn't...well, manly. But these things look quite real, especially in low lighting when the end lights red as you puff. Plus blowing out vapor "smoke" helps with the fantasy too. In a club, or in the backyard around the grill, a guy could substitute an e-cigarette for the real thing and no one would be the wiser. Plus there's no smell, no ashes, nothing to dispose of afterward, no stained teeth, no bad breath. Just take a puff or two and stick it back in your pocket. It never gets hot, never leaks, made of sturdy stuff so it's not fragile.

In short, this just might be perfect for the person who's finding it hard to go cold turkey. Isn't it worth a try?

Want more information? Nicomate's website has it. Here's an explanation of how e-cigarettes work. Here's some info on the safety of e-cigarettes.

You can get 30% off your first starter kit of Nicomate by using coupon code "GIVEAWAY" at checkout. You can also try out the Nicomate system for 14 days simply by paying the shipping and handling. If after 14 days you decide Nicomate isn't for you, simply return the electronic cigarette free trial system and owe nothing. But if you, like me, realize that this just might be the product that finally allows you to gradually wean yourself away from cigarettes, then you'll just pay the remaining $89.95 for the kit. That's a heck of a deal, because for the price of about three packs of cigarettes, you can see for yourself if Nicomate is right for you.

Not ready to take that step yet? Then maybe you'll want to enter my giveaway for two Nicomate disposable e-cigarettes. The disposables don't last as long as the regular refillables, but at least they will give you an idea of what the Nicomate system is all about and a chance to try it out before committing to the full kit - and committing to finally quitting smoking for good.

Use the Rafflecopter form to enter. Please allow a minute or two for Rafflecopter to load. Winner selected randomly and will be notified by email, but must respond within 48 hours or an alternate winner will be selected. Giveaway open to US residents only please. Ends midnight CST Monday March 25th. Good luck!

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{Disclosure: Nicomate provided product samples gratis to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was involved and my opinions are my own.)

March 17, 2013

New Soft Scrub product & chance to win SWEEPS!

Do you love the scent of lemon & cleaning with lemon? Love a lemon kitchen cleanser? Lemon bathroom cleaner? Then listen up, because there's a new Soft Scrub product on the market that belongs in your arsenal of cleaning products at home. New Soft Scrub Total All Purpose cleaner can handle just about any cleaning job you've got.

New Soft Scrub Total All Purpose Bath & Kitchen Cleanser is tough on stains, yet gentle on surfaces. The new and improved formula has more whitening power and less residue, for better rinsing. That means better cleaning and faster rinsing for your tile, grout, sinks, and tubs. The all-new bottle and cap design improve dispensing, preventing spills and making for a more efficient cleaning experience. From sinks and showers to bathtubs and faucets, this cleanser will blow you away with its versatility and fresh lemon scent.

The first thing I tried this new Soft Scrub on was my bathroom sink. Soft Scrub had it sparkling in no time, with a minimum of elbow grease. I love how this new improved product rinses away faster, leaving no gritty residue behind. And the smell! I've always been a big fan of lemon scent, so this is right up my aromatherapy alley! :)

Find out more and connect with Soft Scrub on Facebook at

Now that you know about the new Soft Scrub product, let me tell you about a sweepstakes you should enter right now while you're thinking about it. How would you like your chance to WIN $1,000 and a 1-year supply of Soft Scrub coupons? Wow!! Also, an additional 250 entrants will win coupons for one Soft Scrub product. This is a great way to possibly win a free product coupon to try out new Soft Scrub -- and maybe even WIN $1,000! Just click here to go enter! Sweepstakes ends Friday, March 29, so don't delay. Good luck!

{Disclaimer: Soft Scrub provided a sample of their product gratis to facilitate my review. However, no monetary consideration was involved and my opinions are my own.}

March 12, 2013

Love Honey Bunches of Oats? Try new Tropical Blends!

Cereal is a staple in my house. Not just for breakfast, but any time I need a quick bite to eat that isn't junk food. I try to buy cereals that are high in fiber and low in sugar so that they are healthier for me. But some of those high fiber cereals taste more like... well, like shredded cardboard. Yuck.

When I found Honey Bunches of Oats, I was hooked! This cereal is high in fiber but also HIGH in flavor! I'd have to say it's my favorite cereal and I always keep some on hand.

So imagine my delight to learn about a new variety of Honey Bunches of Oats called Tropical Blends. I tried the new mango/coconut variety and WOW!!

Can you say yummy?!?

You not only get the goodness you know and love with regular Honey Bunches of Oats, but the new Tropical Blends mango/coconut has added mango-flavored flakes and real coconut shavings for a flavor blast that is out of this world. Sweet, crunchy goodness! I've always loved fruit in my cereal and now I've got TROPICAL fruits right from the box!

But wait, there's more...

Have you ever wanted to visit Hawaii? How about Waikiki Beach? Wouldn't that be awesome! A dream vacation!

Well, you might be able to stop dreaming and start experiencing because now you've got a chance to enter the 2013 Tropical Trio Sweepstakes! One lucky winner will be sent on a tropical paradise vacation to Outrigger Waikiki on the Beach! Enter to win a chance to spend your days relaxing underneath the warm Hawaiian sun and your nights exploring Waikiki’s never-ending nightlife.

So try new Honey Bunches of Oats Tropical Blends and send your taste buds on a trip to the tropics! And be sure to enter the Sweepstakes! Who knows, YOU may be sunning on Waikiki Beach! Good luck!

{Disclaimer: I was provided a product sample gratis to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was involved and my opinions are my own.}

February 25, 2013

@LOrealParisUSA #MagicBBCream Something New Under the Sun! @SheSpeaksUp

There's nothing new under the sun.

I stopped being excited about makeup back when all products seemed the same and it was just too darn expensive trying each new product, hoping against hope to find something that was perfectly right for me and my complexion.

I'm very fair, you see...always have been. I envy women with olive skin tones that look so flawless. Mine never does. I'll have patches of pink or red here and there, pores the size of moon craters, and "heavy" makeup just looks like... well... heavy makeup.

I will admit I did get a little excited a few years ago when mineral cosmetics were first introduced. Finally! Something that looked natural but provided good coverage to even out my skin tone, but didn't look and feel like you'd just spread pancake batter on your face and let it dry.

But that excitement quickly wore off too when I realized that mineral cosmetics, while looking terrific for a few hours, just don't last the whole day long. And I didn't like the idea of filling my pores with tiny "dust" particles. I said...there's nothing new under the sun.

Well, surprise! Rrecently I got the chance to try a brand new product from L'Oreal Paris called Magic BB Cream.

"Magic" is the operative word.

This product is phenomenal. It looks just like any other face cream, white in color when you put it on, but then something "magic" happens... L'Oreal Paris Magic BB Cream has these Beautifying Beads, which are encapsulated pigments containing ultra-light lotion with antioxidants Vitamins C&E.

The "white" cream you just put on your face like a normal moisturizer has suddenly -- like magic! -- released these pigments and created color to give you beautiful coverage. This multi-tasking skin beautifier delivers 4 beautifying actions in 1: hydrates, corrects, evens and perfects.

I watched, transfixed, as the white cream gradually turned to foundation color, giving me what felt like the results of using several cosmetic products instead of just one. My skin was moisturized, primed, and had flawless coverage. No other cosmetic products required. Well, except maybe for a slash of lip gloss and a touch of blush!

So stop wasting money on cosmetics that don't do what they claim. L'Oreal Paris Magic BB Cream is the all-in-one beauty solution that does it all - prime, perfect, hydrate, and correct skin.

Finally, there IS something new under the sun!

{Disclaimer: SheSpeaks and L'Oreal provided a product to facilitate this review. However, no monetary consideration was involved and my opinions are my own.}

February 1, 2013

Purex Sweepstakes! and catching up with an old favorite

Purex is running a couple of sweepstakes and you can enter to win fabulous prizes! Just click these links to get your entry in!

Enter the Welcome to the World Sweepstakes

One lucky grand prize winner will receive $1,000 and 250 2nd place winners will receive a coupon for a free bottle of Purex Crystals for Baby!

Enter the Borax - Fresh Year, Fresher Laundry Facebook Sweepstakes!

Enter to win the $1,500 Grand Prize, or one of 171 coupons for FREE BORAX! Why 171 coupons you ask? The TOTAL prize value is $2013! which is very appropriate for the new year. ;-) Sign up once a day until February 22nd, 2013.

So there you have two great new sweepstakes from Purex to enter! Good luck!

And now, catching up with an old favorite...

I'm a baby boomer, so I can (vaguely, I admit) remember watching "Death Valley Days" on TV (remember black and white TV?) and seeing that commercial from the sponsor, 20 Mule Team Borax. That graphic of ten teams of mules pulling heavily loaded wagons was seared into my memory banks for good. It didn't hurt that I (and my whole family, especially my dad) was a fan of Western shows on TV, plus I have a romantic streak a mile wide and love history, so that image was special to me in so many ways.
But time moves on...and I forgot about "borax" as an all-natural laundry booster. I mean, come on, we're daily bombarded with ads for laundry detergent, every newfangled idea under the sun, right? But recently nostalgia for "the good old days" kicked in again when Purex Insiders sent me a box of Borax to try at home.

I feel like an idiot now. WHY haven't I been using this product all along?! Why purchase fancy laundry products with harmful chemicals and additives when you can still purchase 20 Mule Team Borax to do the job of boosting your laundry naturally!

That's right. Naturally. 20 Mule Team Borax is 100% natural mineral from the earth. Once removed from the ground, it is washed, dried, and boxed for consumers. "Borax" is the common name for sodium tetraborate: a naturally occurring substance produced by the perpetual evaporation of seasonal lakes. Absolutely nothing is added. No phosphates, no chlorine, no additive chemicals.
20 Mule Team Borax naturally softens hard water. Why is this important? Because when you add detergent to hard water, some of the compounds attach to calcium and magnesium granules that settle on the bottom of your washing machine, eventually retreating down the drain without actually cleaning your clothes. What a waste! That's one reason why even though you've just washed something, stains may linger, or even be redeposited. Yikes! I've been doing it all wrong all these years...

But no more. After trying 20 Mule Team Borax for myself, I'm convinced that this is the only laundry booster I'll ever need. It naturally softens hard water, which allows detergent to maximize its cleaning power. And since over 85% of homes have what most people call "hard water", doesn't it make sense to do everything you can to maximize your laundry chores, save money, and save the environment at the same time?

Just a half cup of Borax in your washload boosts your detergent's cleaning power, and without harmful chemicals. That's an economic and enviromentally friendly win-win situation.

And let's face it...who really enjoys doing laundry?? It's just another household chore that simply must be done. But we don't have to use harmful stuff to do it when there are natural products like Borax easily available.

So next time you're perusing the shelves in the laundry section of your favorite store, pick up a box of 20 Mule Team Borax. It's very affordable since it's all-natural, with no expensive chemicals added.

Maybe laundry day won't be such a "chore" in your house anymore. It certainly isn't in mine now! Yay for Borax!

{Disclosure: Borax provided a free sample of their product to facilitate this review. No monetary consideration was involved and my opinions are my own.}