August 3, 2012

Massage Recliner on my Christmas wish list

Remember when you were a kid and you couldn't wait to get your hands on the Christmas Wish Book? Spending hours poring over every toy, making meticulous lists in hopes that Santa was paying attention?

I'm grown now, but I still make Christmas wishes, just in case Santa is still listening...

Dear Santa,
All I want for Christmas is a massage recliner. I've been a really good girl (most of the time).

Thought I'd go ahead and get my order in with Santa early this year, because I have a feeling there may be a heavy demand for masseuse recliners and I want to make sure I'm on the list!

If you spend a lot of time at your computer desk like I do, you appreciate having a laptop and a recliner to change up the routine a bit. My desk chair is not the most comfortable, and sitting too long in it is definitely a problem.

So I love being able to continue working with a laptop and a recliner. Only...

My recliner isn't so hot either. I'd post a photo, but it might give you nightmares. Suffice it to say that my recliner has definitely seen better days and desperately needs to be replaced.

And that's what got me looking online at recliners. When I found Masseuse Luxury Recliners' online store, I felt like I was looking at the Christmas Wish Book!

Ever wonder how astronauts manage to stay in space so long under such restricted conditions and still be comfortable? From space engineering research comes "zero gravity" chairs which alleviate pressure and stress on muscles.

Sounds like just what my aching muscles and joints need!

This Shiatsu remedial massage recliner looks like something from a space shuttle.
It's a bit pricey at $4,995.00, but what price do you put on your health and well-being? And besides, isn't that what Santa is for? :)

* Sit back and relax in the Remedial Luxury Recliner and let the infrared scanners measure the exact shape of your body. The infra-red scanners will automatically determine the length of your spine and your body shape to ensure the massage program is stimulating your pressure points.

* 51 airbags are located in the Remedial Luxury Recliner and work in sync with the rolling massage hands in the backrest. There are 4 airbags in the shoulders, 12 for the hands, 10 for the legs, 12 for the feet, 5 for the seat, 4 for the head and 4 in the backrest.

And that's just the beginning of what this marvelous chair can do. If you suffer from joint pains like I do, you'll appreciate the feeling of having your own personal masseuse whenever you want.

Wouldn't this be a marvelous addition to your home office? Or any office, for that matter. I would think that this could be considered an investment in personal health and well-being for anyone.

Santa, I hope you're paying attention!

{Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for which I received monetary consideration; however I was not told what to say, and my opinions are my own.)