November 6, 2010

I don't do bite me! {review}

I'm an absolute slug in the mornings. Until I've had my coffee, don't even talk to me. I won't respond. Or if I do respond, you might not like what I have to say.

Can't help it. Been that way all my life.

Don't like it? Bite me.

I might even tell you that too. But now I don't have to actually say it. I can give you a graphic illustration.

No, not that, silly! I mean this:

That's a piece of toast, in case you can't tell from the picture. And it has "Bite Me" burned right into it.


Now I don't have to actually talk in the mornings until I'm good and ready (which may be a while, so pack a lunch). has this fabulous thing called the
Morning Bytes Gift Set that would make the perfect gift for someone you know who doesn't do mornings either.

Vintage toaster with 7 heat settings, 3 toasting functions, and a slide-out crumb tray comes with 2 stencil art plates: Bite Me and Ugh.. Also included is a 2-compartment melamine breakfast tray and a USB cup warmer that plugs into your computer. Price only $44.99 sent me this amazing toaster set to review and I have to tell you, I haven't had this much fun in the morning in a long time!

Love the soothing retro color and look. And so easy to use. It's a regular toaster, only better.

The secret to the design is interchangable metal plates like the one I'm holding below.

These plates simply slide down into the toaster in metal slots and the rest is automatic. Nothing could be easier!

When you engage the toaster (just like a regular toaster, by pushing down the lever on the end) the bread slices are toasted like normal on one side, but the side next to the center of the toaster - next to the special plates - comes out with the fabulous design on them.

Yep, that's me in the morning!

The toaster comes with two design plates, "Bite Me" and the "Ugh.." un-smiley face. You can also easily remove the plates in case your in-laws are coming for breakfast. Or not. Your call. Just don't come crying to me when you serve your mother-in-law toast that says "Bite Me".

The toaster also has seven heat settings, but the recommended setting is between 3 and 4, which is what I used for the above pieces of toast. You can adjust to your preference, of course. I happen to like mine almost burnt, really crispy. This toaster does a wonderful job. Don't let the design and special plates fool you, this is still a toaster and it works beautifully.

It also has this really handy slide-out crumb tray that makes cleanup a breeze. You know how some toasters have a little door/latch on the underside that you swing open to release the crumbs and hope you're holding it over the sink or garbage can when you do? Forget that. This tray does the job so much better.

Another thing I love about this Morning Bytes Gift Set is the cup warmer that is powered through a USB cable. Yep! No more hunting for an electrical outlet to plug in your cup warmer. Just plug the cable into your computer USB port and keep your coffee warm while at the computer. Love it!

All in all, this is one fantastic package for that special person on your gift list who can relate to the "bite me" and "ugh.." sentiments.

Like me.

As a consumer reviewer, I love showing you products like this, but I am also aware of my responsibility. There is one small design problem that I want to make you aware of with this toaster.

This is the back of the same toast. See the triangle-shaped indents? The way the toaster gets the graphic impression on your bread is by pressing a spring-loaded metal bar (triangular, just like the shapes above) against the bread slice to hold it firmly against the graphic plate. This bar only engages when you engage the toaster by pushing down on the lever on the end.

Problem is, we all know that bread slices often are not perfectly square or perfectly flat. So the first batch I toasted almost burned up because the bread slice got hung on the bar because it was not perfectly flat. I had a slight moment of panic as I saw smoke rising and didn't know what to do to stop it. (now that will wake you up in the morning!!)

But all I had to do was push the "cancel" button on the end and the process stopped, cutting off the heating elements and releasing the bar off the bread slice so that I was able to easily remove it. (love this feature! wish all toasters had a "cancel" button instead of having to manually raise the lever)

Okay, so maybe "problem" is not the correct word to use here. Let's just say I want you to be aware of this and not leave the toaster unattended, or watch your little ones when they use it, because the bar will continue to hold the bread against the heated plate as long as the toaster is engaged... and if the bread slice is "warped" and preventing the toast from popping up when done, well... you can see my concern.

But overall that's a small thing when you look at the benefit of this wonderful toaster. Wouldn't it be great to put a smile on the face of that grumpy non-morning person in your life?

And just so you know, there are interchangable plates if "bite me" and "ugh.." aren't quite your cup of tea. There are lots of different ones and each is only $3.25! has much more fun in store for you! Go take a look at all the great things they offer. I'm sure you'll find something perfect for yourself or for a gift.

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample Morning Bytes Gift Set gratis in exchange for providing an unbiased review of the product. (Thanks Dana!) No other monetary consideration was involved, and my review was not influenced in any way.


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This is really cool!!!

Bite Me!!

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This is great you CAN TALK BEFORECOFFEE . Just what I need when I have company .good job on your blog.

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