April 9, 2012

PXSupply.com - your source for Military Gear, Apparel & Souvenirs {review}

Remember back when shopping at an Army Surplus store was all the rage? Well, guess what? Military-style apparel and accessories are back in fashion! Only now you don't have to shop in person, you can do it online!

If you're looking for quality rugged authentic military apparel and gear, look no further than the best army navy store PXSupply.com. PXSupply in Millington, Tennessee (just outside of Memphis) has a wide range of gear suitable for just about anyone on your gift list--including yourself!

Of course I had to take a look at the items for women...and found a great variety of terrific bargains.

I particularly like this WOMEN'S CITY CAMO RAGLAN T-SHIRT. And at only $11.95, it's a bargain. (and FREE SHIPPING!!)

How about this t-shirt for a proud Marines mom? $12.49 and FREE SHIPPING!

Or this cute t-shirt proudly proclaiming your love! $12.95 and FREE SHIPPING!

PXSupply has tees and tanks, fatigues, jackets, sweats, shorts, you name it. And that's just for women. They have tons of gear for men as well. If you need a gift for the military man or woman in your life, take a look at PXSupply.com first. I know you'll find something just perfect, at a very good price, and most items include free shipping. Can't beat that with a stick!

I wanted to try something and see for myself the quality and value that PXSupply.com offers. So they sent me the PISTOL BELT BLACK VINTAGE BAG.

I love love LOVE it!! Not only is it stylish, but it's the perfect size. Plus it has an adjustable shoulder strap that you can also hide if you prefer the hand straps instead. It's roomy on the inside with extra pockets for stashing your stuff. Best of all it just looks tough while still being a fashionable handbag. And rugged! It's made of super strong canvas material, and the workmanship on the metal grommets and hardware are indeed quality. You can't beat the price at $24.95. And... yep, you guessed it!...FREE SHIPPING!

I love shopping online, but sometimes a bargain isn't a bargain after you factor in shipping and handling charges. That's not the case with PXSupply.com - almost all their items are shipped free in the USA. I really love that perk. Makes it easier to know what I'm spending ahead of time when I shop online.

Here are some more pics of the bag, but remember the bag is solid dark black as in the above picture, not the washed-out charcoal gray my photos would have you believe. I have to use the camera flash to get good pictures, but the flash always washes out the color. So just use my photos as a guide to what the bag looks like, but remember it will be deep black when you get it.

(this one in particular looks so gray, but the bag color is black, so don't let my photos dissuade you!)

Need combat boots? Look no further. It would take me all day to list the great products available at PXSupply.com. The products are true quality and tremendous value for the money. Take a look for yourself!

{Disclaimer: I received a product gratis in order to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was received and my opinions are my own.}


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