October 6, 2012

#getunreal UNjunk the candy jar!

I remember reading somewhere that Halloween is the holiday that Americans decorate for the most. Yep. Seems that most people will decorate more for Halloween than they do for Christmas! Even adults get into the Halloween spirit with costume parties. UNREAL!

Guess there's a soft spot in all our hearts for scary masks, jack-o'-lanterns, witch hats, ghosts and goblins, black cats...and CANDY!

What would Halloween be without trick-or-treaters and CANDY!

But if you're a responsible adult, you know that too much of the good stuff can be a bad thing for children (and, hey, even for adults with a sweet tooth!). You'd love to allow them to have all the candy they want, at least for this one day out of the year. But we all know that most commercial candy is chock-full of bad stuff. Stuff that's not good for you at all. And of course too much sugar.

So it is with great pleasure that I introduce you to UNREAL candy! What? A new candy? We don't really need yet another candy brand, do we?

Well, yes.... yes, we do. Especially when that new brand is producing candy that tastes as good or better than those other name brands, yet has:

NO corn syrup
NO partially hydrogenated oil
NO artificial ingredients
NO preservatives
and a lower glycemic index with 40% LESS SUGAR!

Wow! UNREAL candy is... well... unreal!

And the taste? Absolutely delicious! You really can't tell that you're eating healthier-for-you candy. To me, it tastes more natural, like homemade even. It's also not quite as sweet, since there's so much less sugar used. But it's still candy. Oh yes indeedy, and wow, it's goooood!!!

Last Saturday I invited some friends over to try Unreal candy. Since Halloween is right around the corner, the time is perfect for finding out about this new candy brand and how much better for you it is than those other commercial brands.

My guests and their children got to try all the varieties of Unreal candy, and even got to take home gift bags of candy for snacking later! Unreal provided the candy and gift bags and info sheets; all I had to do was invite some folks over to try it.

And, um, you know, who's going to turn down a candy party? Duh! :D

Most of the children were small, so we played some simple games using Unreal candy as prizes. But the most interesting thing we did was a blind taste test - pitting Unreal against those other national brands.

Guess what? Unreal won all the blind taste tests HANDS DOWN! Just goes to show that candy doesn't have to be overly sweet and full of junk to taste good! Children of all ages will love Unreal...and you'll feel better about allowing them to eat candy that's actually better for them.

Try Unreal for yourself. It's available at just about every major retailer now, wherever you normally buy candy. And this Halloween, don't forget to stock up on Unreal candy for those trick-or-treaters. You'll feel oh so much better about what you're handing out, as well as what your own children or grandchildren come home with.

Happy Halloween!


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