October 10, 2010

Affordable little shoe rack that doubles as extra shelving {review}

My closet is a mess. There isn't room enough for my clothes, let alone anything else I need to store there. And I only have the one closet in my entire apartment. So I was in desperate need of something to keep shoes off the floor and out of the way. So naturally I turned to CSN when I went shopping for a shoe rack.

The Trimmer 4-tier is a great shoe rack for the price. I looked at all the racks, and ended up selecting this one not only for the price but for the added convenience of extra shelving if needed. It's very sturdy.

The package came wrapped and double-wrapped to insure that none of the parts got chipped or bent. I was very pleased with that, because being made out of metal wire, it could easily have been damaged in shipment. So I appreciate the extra care in packing.

Putting it together is simple...but you might need an extra pair of hands to do it! All the pieces are separate. You simply hook the bottom shelf on one end support piece, then hook it on the other end support piece, and then add shelves as you go up. It took a bit of wrangling for one person! But it really was simple - just be forewarned that you might need some help and don't get frustrated (like I almost did).

Since the shelves literally just lie on top of the outer supports, I was worried that when I loaded it with shoes it might collapse. I worried for nothing. It is very sturdy and there is just the right amount of clearance so that the shelves do not come off easily, they are hooked on pretty tight.

I can get 12 pairs of shoes on it, and it could easily go into the bathroom as a small shelf if you need something near the bathtub, for instance. I wouldn't put books on it, because there is not enough back support to hold books upright, but towels, knick-knacks etc. would be fine.

Overall I'm very pleased with this shoe rack and would recommend it mainly because it does double duty as extra shelving if needed.

{Disclosure: I purchased this shoe rack from CSN with my own money. My review was not influenced in any way.}


CathyB said...

I have a shoe rack similar to this. It is full.

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