October 6, 2010

Ultimate Family Vacation...with my sister!

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When you hear the words "family vacation", does that make you think of loading up the whole kit and kaboodle for a week at the beach? or a visit to a theme park? or how about a cruise? or an extended stay with another family member who lives on a farm or in a big city with lots to offer for entertainment?

Yes, the kiddos, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins and the family pet are important to consider when planning a "family vacation", but don't forget the other members of your family.

Take for instance my sister. It has always - and I mean ALWAYS - been her dream to visit Australia. Personally? Sure, I'd love to visit Australia too, but it doesn't hold the same appeal for me that it does for her. I'd much prefer to visit Europe - Paris, London, Rome, Vienna - but I admit Australia does hold some charm for me.

But for my sister, it's like The Land of The Holy Grail or something. Seriously. I don't know if she fell in love with Crocodile Dundee and has never gotten him out of her system or what. :) But she constantly thinks about winning a trip to Australia or looking at travel websites to see how many years she must save her spare pennies to be able to pay for a trip to The Land Down Under.

It's almost an obsession with her.

Which brings me to my point. It would be an honor to take a "family vacation" with my sister, just her and me, to Australia. I can't think of anything else I'd rather do or anyplace else I'd rather be.

Except maybe Fiji.

You see, Fiji is my dream vacation. Fiji is my "Bali Hai" and yes, it calls me.

So the Ultimate Family Vacation in my book? A South Sea adventure with my sister wherein she gets to visit Australia and I get to visit Fiji. It's going to be an enormously expensive trip either way, so might as well kill two dream birds with one stone.

G'day mate!

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