July 10, 2010

Everyone needs a journal... Journals Unlimited {review}

Remember when you were young and you vowed to start a journal and keep it up? Maybe you actually did it. Maybe you, unlike me, got past the first few pages before you lost interest.

It wasn't that I disliked journaling. I loved it! But I could never figure out which direction my journal should take.

I mean, if I put everything in there, it was more like a diary, right? And that just put a whole other slant on the process. At least for me. (Your mileage may, and probably will, vary.)

So I put aside the idea of journaling. Until I saw the wonderful journals available at Journals Unlimited!

Journals Unlimited has the hottest selling and most expansive line of theme journals on the market. They offer over 60 titles that feature their trademark easy-to-fill-in format. They make it easy and fun to record all of life’s precious memories.

The "Write-it-Down!" series is printed in their home state of Michigan in the good ol' USA using soy-based ink on acid-free recycled paper. The journals have a durable hard cover design and handcrafted look. They are now available in the color collection as well.

Be sure to check out the "between me and you" journals (they make wonderful keepsakes for your family) as well as the line of notepads, which are sure to keep you organized.

The poem at the beginning of this post is printed in all of their journals and pretty much sums it up!

Keeping a journal has never been easier. Each journal in the Write It Down series has a theme to help you organize your thoughts into words for posterity. Here are just a few:

Camping - The Campers Journal

Christmas - The Holiday Journal

Sledding - Snowmobilers Journal

Gardening - The Gardener's Journal

Up North - A Cabin Journal

R and R - A Cottage Journal

Books I've Read - A Reader's Journal

Films - A Movie Lover's Journal

Motorcycle - A Rider's Journal

Treasures - A Collector's Journal

I could go on and on. Literally dozens of themed journals sure to please even those on your gift list who are hardest to buy for. For the dad who doesn't need yet another tie, how about the Fly Fishing Journal? For your mom who loves entertaining, how about Guest - The Visitor's Journal?

There's truly something for everyone here. A Teacher's Journal, Horses - A Rider's Journal, Precious Friends - My Pet Journal, My Dating Journal, and yes, even a blank journal.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg at Journals Unlimited. The ones I just mentioned are all from the Write It Down series, and they are also available in the Color Collection as well. There are other series too, like the Between Me and You series, journals of memories to give back to the gift giver. Share your memories with those close to you. It has a leading thought on each page to assist you in remembering those way back things. A wonderful new sharing journal.

The Write To Remember series will be added soon. This would be ideal for a member of the armed forces serving overseas, or someone on a religious mission, or a solo trip around the world, or anything spectacular and life-altering that should be - must be - recorded for future generations.

The journals come in three sizes, and note pads are available too. These are truly thoughtful gifts and will encourage anyone to use them to record memories before they are forgotten. And they are customizable and can be personalized with text and photos!

Journals Unlimited sent me a sample journal so I could see for myself the quality of their product. The books are substantial, not some spiral-bound flimsy thing. These journals will last a long, long time and indeed are intended and designed to do so.

What I love most is that there are no blank pages (unless of course you got the blank journal!). Each page incorporates a writing prompt to get you started in recording your memories. This was the thing I found so difficult about keeping a journal when I was younger - staring at that blank page.

The sample journal I received was Adventures - My Road Trip Journal. My sister and I love to take road trips. We like discovering new things right in our own backyard (so to speak). So I was excited to see what the Road Trip journal would be like.

I was not disappointed. Each page of the journal has places to fill in the date, time, even the weather, who went along, where we left from and where we ended up, odometer reading, total miles driven, even miles per gallon! There are places to record the route taken, sights seen and memorable events, highlights of the trip, stops we made, where we ate, stayed, shopped, and places and things to remember for next time - like that little antique shop we didn't have time for or where the closest bathroom was located. :)

I'm just thrilled to think of all the future trips we will take together and be able to record in our new road trip journal. And sad to think of all the past road trips that are even now fading from memory. Truly, this will be something to be enjoyed for many years to come.

Journals Unlimited products are found in many gift and specialty shops, but you can also order online from their website. Prices are very reasonable for the quality you are getting. The Write It Down series is available in mini size (3"x5 1/2" 120 pgs $5.95) and the Wine Journal is available in mid size (3 1/2"x8 1/2" 200 pgs $12.95). The Write It Down series full size is 7 1/2"x9" 200 pgs for only $18.95. And you can personalize it for only $11 more, adding your own artwork/picture and/or text. That is an unbelievable bargain for something that will be loved and cherished and most of all USED!

Next time you see a display featuring Journals Unlimited, I hope you'll stop and browse for a while. Their products truly are unique and made with quality materials. If you can't find them locally, shop online. Their products can be found at Amazon.com as well, with frequent shipping specials.

Sign up at their website and enjoy valuable discount coupons! They have new money-saving specials every month.

Journals Unlimited... a gift for all ages, a keepsake for all time...

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample from Journals Unlimited gratis in exchange for providing this unbiased review of the product. No other monetary consideration was involved, and my review was not influenced in any way.


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