July 10, 2010

Here, pretty pretty pretty! {NGlassworks review}

I'll admit it... I'm a sucker for flashy jewelry. You can keep your simple chains and charms. I want my jewelry to stand out. I mean, that's what it's for, right?

To catch the eye.

To be decorative.

To make someone envious.

Okay, maybe I should leave off that last one! :)

But that's exactly what happened when I sported my brand spankin' new sparkly beautiful Nancy Giere NGlassworks fused dichroic glass pendant.
 Isn't it gorgeous? My cheapo camera just doesn't do it justice.

Here, have a look at some of Nancy's creations: (taken with a much better camera!!)
I just love 'em!!

She's also got some new items ready for summer:
From left to right: a pendant, a suncatcher, and a framed bar.

If there's one thing I would offer advice about, dear Nancy, it's to make the lovely cord necklace that the pendant is strung on a little teensy bit longer. When it's worn without the extender, it lies like a choker. Even with the extender fully used, it barely reaches my collarbone and I found that when wearing a boatneck blouse or top the pendant tended to get lost underneath my clothing. I want that baby to show! :) The next time I wore it, I wore a V-neck top and, fully extended, it worked much better. But it still could be just a tad longer for my taste. Just my opinion. :)

Nancy Giere is the talented artist behind NGlassworks. As you'll find on her website, Nancy has always been the crafty type.

I’ve knit, stitched, woven, and beaded my way through life. I’ve kept my hands moving to relieve stress and quiet my mind. I’ve spent my whole life creating but never saw myself as artistic. It was just something I felt compelled to do. I’ve expanded my wardrobe, decorated my home and made numerous gifts for friends and family.

Three years ago I was perusing the Bead and Button Show class list and came across a glass fusing class that sounded fun. I had no expectations, I was just curious.

My first project, a pendant, was a success and I was hooked. I bought a kiln, some dichroic glass, and assortment of tools and supplies. I set up a work area in my basement. I was having a lot fun playing with heat and glass.

I started showing my dichroic glass jewelry to friends and family. I heard two words several times that caused me to examine what I was doing, “How much?” I found myself in the middle of a marketing research study. I could be in a meeting, at a restaurant, the hairdresser, the doctor, the grocery store, being searched by airport security and I’d hear those two words - How much?

I took this as a sign and decided to start NGlassworks, LLC. I now have the opportunity to keep creating, stay centered and offer my work to people that I’m not related to and never met!

Nancy Giere
I love her attitude. :)

And I LOVE her dichroic jewelry! It's available at a number of boutique shops nationwide. Check the list here - maybe there's one near you, or maybe you'll be crossing paths with Nancy Giere NGlassworks jewelry on your next trip or vacation. I hope you'll remember her name.

When you see her fused glass jewelry, you'll be as mesmerized as I was.

And you too could have the chance to make someone in your life green with envy! :)

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of NGlassworks dichroic glass pendants gratis in exchange for providing this unbiased review of the product. {Thanks Nancy!} No other monetary consideration was involved, and my review was not influenced in any way.


The Sweetheart said...

I absolutely adore that necklace it so cute and ring to die for.

CathyB said...

Wow!!! This jewelry is really so cool!!! Beautiful pieces that would really show!

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