July 10, 2010

NameMaker - personalized tags, ribbons, gift wrap & more {review}

Gifts are so much more meaningful when they are personalized. And I'm not talking about just monogrammed towels.

NameMaker (http://namemaker.com) is a company that sells myriad products personalized just how you want them. Need ribbon to wrap gifts for bridesmaids and best men? Namemaker's got you covered. How about personalized holiday ribbon? Yep, NameMaker has that too. They even have personalized wrapping paper!
My sister is probably the best seamstress I've ever run across in my life. Ever. I mean, she can whip up something that absolutely fits without even a pattern. She's amazing. Never a stitch out of place, never a crooked seam, never a hanging thread. Perfection.

Her sewing articles need and deserve name tags like those provided by NameMaker. I keep telling her she needs to get her own personalized garment tags to put in her creations. Maybe after she sees this review, she'll head over to the NameMaker website and check out the products they offer.
And the prices are very reasonable as personalized items go. You can get woven design labels with printed text for only $16.00 for 20 labels. They measure approx. 7/8" by 2 1/4", have been pinked at the ends to prevent fraying, non-fade ink, washable & dry-cleanable, and with 1 to 3 lines of text (depending on style) with max 18 characters per line.

You can even get 100% woven design-your-own labels starting at just $28.00 per 50 labels, where you choose your own text, background, thread, etc. Motifs/icons are available at no extra charge.

Personalized ribbon starts at only $14.00 and is available in satin, textured, gingham, polka dot, and loop edge styles.

How about waterproof stickers? Perfect for labeling sippy cups, water bottles, food containers, school supplies, pool and beach toys, even for labeling foods going into the refrigerator or freezer! Waterproof stickers are $14.95 for 30 stickers.

Personalized. Don't forget!

Iron-on labels with kids' designs or names are a must when sending the youngsters off to camp. I can just see some harried mom creating personalized labels for her children:

Billy Barton
Pick up your clothes and hang them up. love, Mom

Jennifer Johnson
Don't wear this two days in a row and try to sit up straight. love, Mom

The possibilities are endless.

So head over to NameMaker and get inspired. Think you don't need personalized labels? When was the last time you took a dish to a pot luck dinner and didn't get it back? Waterproof personalized stickers on your kitchen wares will insure that everything is returned to you and they WON'T get washed off in the dishwater.

And that's worth the price of the stickers right there. Don't you agree?

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of NameMaker products gratis in exchange for providing this unbiased review of the product. No other monetary consideration was involved, and my review was not influenced in any way.


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