May 28, 2015

Snuggle up to new #FreshSpringFlowers Snuggle!

Have you tried new #FreshSpringFlowers Snuggle? Get a $.50 off coupon while supplies last!

I love when my laundry is not only soft but smells great too! New Fresh Spring Flowers Snuggle turns laundry into aromatherapy! :-)
The scent is so fresh and pleasant, and it really lingers on your laundry. My towels are so soft and fluffy, and delicately scent the whole bathroom.
And clothing maintains that fresh scent, even hanging in the closet or concealed in drawers. Not too overpowering, just light and fresh.

And it lingers for a long time. So you know the next time you reach for a towel to Snuggle up with someone special, it's still going to have that soft, fluffy feeling, and a fresh scent as if you just laundered it. What a lovely thing to share with your family!

{Disclaimer: I received a product sample to facilitate my review. No monetary consideration was involved, and my opinions are my own.}


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